DISCOVER: Pop/Electronic Artist, Julien the Child

DISCOVER: Pop/Electronic Artist, Julien the Child

Julien the Child (aka Oliver Eldridge) is a 24-year-old indie pop/electronic artist from Tampa, Florida with a new and first single, “Self-Aware”, off of his upcoming album titled Memory Flu.

Inspired by the sonic simplicity of Joy Division and the lyrical depth of Bright Eyes, Oliver showcases his own unique style of indie electronic pop music. Like many artists who fall for music at a young age, Oliver began songwriting at the age of just ten-years-old. He then created the stage name Julien the Child for himself in 2016. Oliver’s career started by him recording tracks in the back room of his grandmother’s trailer and released as the project’s debut full length album (You Have Not Heard Silence) on August 1st of 2016.

While listening to “Self-Aware” you can definitely hear it’s unique sound right away. It’s not something you’d hear on mainstream radio, but that’s what makes it so cool! With the track’s catchy chorus and lyrics like, “It’s not that I wish that you weren’t here / But it’s that I wish what hurt me didn’t hurt the same / It’s not that I wish you were different / But it’s that I wish that you couldn’t feel this kind of pain,” you can tell Oliver is aware of how he feels. But he’s just one person, and his emotions can be felt through this song.

You can purchase “Self-Aware” HERE for just one dollar.

Check out “Self-Aware” below:

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