DISCOVER: Pop/Rock Indie Artist, Roger Jaeger

DISCOVER: Pop/Rock Indie Artist, Roger Jaeger

Roger Jaeger is a pop/rock artist currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Influenced by musicians like Seal, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Sting, One Republic, Foo Fighters and more, Roger recently released his newest music for “Elevator” off of his third album Start Over.

Foo Fighters being one of Roger’s influences isn’t too shocking, because the beginning of “Elevator” actually reminds us of the edgy intro of “The Pretender” by the well-known rock band. It’s just that type of intro where you know something amazing is about to happen in a few seconds. And trust us, amazing music did happen.

The video on the other hand didn’t make that much sense at first, but does include Roger all dressed up in a elevator! From performing on a rooftop in Nashville to exploring a forest, a desert, and a beach, you can tell Roger must love even the smallest details in the world. That probably came about since he spent some time living in India. It’s there that he developed a strong passion for the country, its people, and its culture. So you can say he probably loves exploring, hence why the video is the way it is along with the the lyrics, “Out of my head / out of my skin / flying through the atmosphere.”

Roger has already been included on popular networks such as Discovery, MTV, and NASCAR. We can only imagine what good things the future holds for him.

You can download the full album click HERE.

Check out the video for “Elevator” below:

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