DISCOVER: Qveen Herby and Her Single, ‘SADE IN THE 90s’

Our latest discovery is Qveen Herby with 'SADE IN THE 90s'!

Here at CelebMix, we’re all for new music and discovering new artists. This time round, we are taking a look at Qveen Herby with her viral R&B hit, ‘SADE IN THE 90s’.

Who is Qveen Herby?

Amy Renee Noonan, or known musically as Qveen Herby, is an American singer-songwriter and rapper, driving music critics crazy with her latest helping of music, ‘SADE IN THE 90s’. Qveen Herby has so far released two EPs, ‘EP 1’ and ‘EP 2’ with the third EP titled numerically as ‘EP 3’ being released next month, all under Checkbook Records.

We have so far seen both current EPs span out excellent singles such as, ‘Wifey’ and ‘Busta Rhymes’. All of this could be leading to an immense debut album release in the near future from Noonan. Most of Qveen Herby’s singles have surpassed one million views on YouTube each.

You may be looking at Noonan now and recognising her as a familiar face and that’s because she is. She was one half of Karmin, a pop duo who had a musical breakthrough with their cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me’ garnering over 100 million views seven years ago. This then lead to a record deal with Epic Records (Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson) and the release of their major label debut EP release, ‘Hello’ which featured their most popular single to date, ‘Brokenhearted’.

‘Hello’ also garnered another successful single with the same title and then it was time for Karmin to work on their debut album. Their debut album, ‘Pulses’ was eventually released in March 2014 under Epic Records but by then they had reached the unfortunate one-hit wonders stage of their career. Karmin then left Epic to become independent artists and released their sophomore album, ‘Leo Rising’ in September however, then disbanded in the spring of 2017.

What do we think of ‘SADE IN THE 90s’?

Whether she’s Karmin or Qveen Herby, we’re loving Noonan’s artistry and her recent single, ‘SADE IN THE 90s’ is living proof that she is destined for big things with her solo musical career in the future. Within the ‘SADE IN THE 90s’ music video, it’s the thumbnail which grabs our attention with its Dua Lipa – New Rules-esque style.


You can purchase Qveen Herby’s latest single, ‘SADE IN THE 90s’ here.


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