DISCOVER: Raffaela Is Full Of Female Empowerment In Single “I Love Me”

We recently discovered Raffaela’s female empowerment single “I Love Me” and we just had to share it with you. This is definitely one you need to listen to, and it has a brilliant music video to accompany the track.

Raffaela Capp first came to our attention when we watched the upcoming film REACH, which she stars in as a secondary character. She’s gained quite the following with the release of the addictive single “So What?” which also gained traction on YouTube with the release of its music video. She also dropped “Hurricane” which featured Chris Redd. Apart from her singing career, she has done various acting roles and even created her own play titled “Pizza And Whine”.

Now she’s got a brand new single out with an interesting music video that coincides with the song, in connection with InRage Entertainment. The song is set to appear as part of the soundtrack in the new film REACH, alongside Forever In Your Mind’s “Compass”, James Barmore’s “Cherry Bomb”, SOTO AND THE CRASH’s “Elephant In The Room” and Still Rebel’s songs “Hello Darlin'” and “Breathin'”, as well as another one of Raffaela’s songs, titled “Enemy”. The film has recently announced its digital and theatrical release date.

This song was written by Raffaela, Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer, and Ebony Rae Vanderveer, whilst Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer produced the song for InRage Entertainment – he is a Grammy-nominated record producer who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, P!nk, Christina Aguilera, and Cher. As for the music video itself, it was directed by Candice Dalsing.

Watch Raffaela’s Music Video To “I Love Me” Here:

Before we launch into our thoughts on the song and music video, we want to give a shout-out to the cast of this video as there’s a lot going on and they deserve to be mentioned. In the video we see Connor Grimes acting as Raffaela’s love interest, as well as Natasha Capp, Veronica Kelly, and Emily Rose Attridge as her friends. The two backing dancers are Morgan Weske and Mocha McKenzie who are also in the skating scenes, whilst the additional two skaters are Nicole Romero and Kim Manning. The whole team made this music video interesting to watch, and Raffaela called upon her cast of “Pizza And Whine” for this visual.

The song is full of female empowerment, but the song’s meaning can be interpreted for everyone around the world, we all need to love ourselves before we love someone else (RuPaul’s influence). Everyone deserves someone who treats them right and it’s nice to see Raffaela really roll with that and flood this song with meaning and emotion.

As for the music video itself, it has its wobbly moments where it could be better, but the choreography is on point, Raffaela stuns us with her body-confidence and strength, and then there’s the narrative that grips us and shows us what this song is about. There’s plenty of moments that could be expanded but disregarding that, this is one music video we could watch again and again.

“I Love Me” is available to download and stream right now, via InRage Entertainment. We expect Raffaela to release more music in the future.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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