Brand New Film REACH Gets Official Theatrical And Digital Release Date

Yes, you heard that right, the brand new film, REACH, which stars Garrett Clayton, has been given an official digital and theatrical release date. We’ve only just published our review of the film itself, which we completely love, so we’re beyond excited about this news.

Freestyle Digital Media has acquired the digital distribution rights to the film, and they’ve announced that the release date of the film will be on October 19, 2018, in line with National Bullying Prevention Month.

The distribution company is a division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, and they’ve acquired the North American rights to distribute the film. The film will debut on VOD and will be available to rent and to own on digital HD across North American cable, internet, and satellite platforms. As for cinemas, Christian Meoli’s Voltaire Media will theatrically release the film in ten major markets including the Los Angeles theatre known as Arena Cinelounge, located in Hollywood.

“The serious topic of bullying resonates with so many children and families these days,” said Freestyle Digital Media Acquisitions Director, Rachel Koehler. “With our acquisition of REACH, we at Freestyle are proud to be able to contribute to the conversation by giving the topic the exposure it so richly deserves.”

We recently reviewed the film ourselves and we completely loved it from start to finish, make sure you check out our film review. We said: “REACH makes viewers think about everyone in general and how everyone has baggage, has troubles, has difficulties in life. We’re a true believer in positivity and how it can reshape someone’s world, even for a little bit, and that’s exactly what we see in this coming-of-age film. REACH has true potential to touch everyone’s hearts, whilst sending us through twists and turns, and complete shockers – try not to cry at the end.”

Check Out The Trailer To REACH Here:

The film had its world premiere at Dances With Films festival on June 8. It stars Garrett Clayton (Hairspray Live!King CobraTeen Beach Movie), Bojesse Christopher (True Detective, Point Break), Johnny James Fiore (WTF!Private Dicks), Steven Thomas Capp (Fat Camp), Jordan Doww (Mr. Student Body PresidentThe Commute), Joey Bragg (Liv and MaddieThe Outfield, Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride), Corbin Bernsen (L.A. LawThe DentistPsychMajor League), Concetta Tomei (China Beach, Providence, Deep Impact), Kevin Sizemore (Fear The Walking DeadResurrection), Rio Mangini (Bella and the BulldogsEverything Sucks!Bitch), Raffaela Capp (singer and actress, music video “So What” became popular), Tiffany Phillips, Wren Barnes, Natasha Capp, Chelsea Cook, Grant Harling, and more.

REACH was directed by Leif Rokesh while it was written by Maria Capp, Johnny James Fiore, and Grant Harling. The producers were Autumn Bailey, Charles Box, Maria Capp, and Grant Harling.

“October, being the National Bullying Prevention Month is the perfect opportunity to share the message of REACH: Kindness, even the smallest of gestures, may change someone’s life forever,” said Maria Capp. “REACH is about a bullied teen boy reaching for what is possible because of the kindness, friendship and affirmation of just ONE person. In making REACH, our desire was to create awareness, conversation and empathy surrounding the consequences of our actions, or inactions, as they relate to bullying.”

“The importance of independent films comes from their relevancy to audiences who yearn for important topics and issues of the day to be addressed in movies. I don’t think there is a more relevant movie for today than REACH, which covers bullying from the bully’s perspective, the bullied person’s angle, and the point of view of those who witness bullying,” said Christian Meoli, Voltaire Media.

We said that this film has got it all, in our film review, and we are certainly right. If there’s one film you watch this October, make sure its REACH! If you still haven’t checked out our film review, do so here.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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