Film Review: REACH Starring Garrett Clayton

We watched this film and completely loved it, now it’s your turn to watch. REACH is the brand new coming-of-age film that had us gripped as the story progresses. Garrett Clayton is the main character, Steven; but there are plenty more characters that take centre stage in this film and it’s the cast and the storyline itself that truly makes this film a total must-watch.

The film has been directed by Leif Rokesh while it was written by Maria Capp, Johnny James Fiore, and Grant Harling. The producers were Autumn Bailey, Charles Box, Maria Capp, and Grant Harling. The film had its world premiere on June 8 at Dances With Films, it is unknown when the film will be officially released.

We were lucky enough to receive a screener of this film so that we could review it for the site, and we are so glad that we got to see REACH because it took us on an emotional rollercoaster. If you’ve been looking for a new film to watch after seeing Love, Simon; well, you’re in luck because REACH is here to solve your Love, Simon blues.

The start of the film introduces our main character Steven Turano, played by Garrett Clayton (Hairspray Live!King CobraTeen Beach Movie), who is prepared to end his life. We find out he has depression. It brings quite the downer to the start of the film, but bear with it because it’s going to get a lot better. His dad – played by Bojesse Christopher (True DetectivePoint Break) drives him to school, like he does every day, and that’s when they spot the new kid in town, Clarence who is played by Johnny James Fiore (WTF!, Private Dicks)

Whilst at school, Steven is bullied in the corridor with his best mate, Daniel Hill who is played by Steven Thomas Capp (Fat Camp), by the domineering Nick Perkins, played by Jordan Doww (Mr. Student Body PresidentThe Commute), in the corridor. The whole day, Clarence had kept to himself, but when he sees this, he interjects and makes Nick say sorry to Steven for bullying him. They strike a friendship which blooms into a brotherly friendship which turns Steven’s whole life around, away goes his medication and his depression state and he starts to feel happier.

However, throughout the film, we feel the pure hatred coming from Nick, who is directing it on to Steven; this is where we get a lot of backstory as we see Nick and Steven as kids, being best friends, whilst their respective parents host a birthday party for Nick. This is where their friendship broke apart, but why?

Not only that, but Steven has problems with his father, who he resents due to his mother’s passing. This flits up questions of how did she die and why is their relationship strained? Steven might feel more positive but nothing stays that way for long, and as we learn more about Clarence, we question his motives and positive attitude.

There are also some nice secret surprises throughout, along with a sideline gay story, but we’re keeping that spoiler in the closet for you to open up yourself; as well as more daddy issues and social awkwardness.

This film really does have it all. We still feel it has similar traits to Love, Simon, although their similarities are subtle as this film progresses. REACH makes viewers think about everyone in general and how everyone has baggage, has troubles, has difficulties in life. We’re a true believer in positivity and how it can reshape someone’s world, even for a little bit, and that’s exactly what we see in this coming-of-age film. REACH has true potential to touch everyone’s hearts, whilst sending us through twists and turns, and complete shockers – try not to cry at the end.

Also starring in the film is Joey Bragg (Liv and MaddieThe OutfieldMark & Russell’s Wild Ride), Corbin Bernsen (L.A. LawThe DentistPsychMajor League), Concetta Tomei (China Beach, Providence, Deep Impact), Kevin Sizemore (Fear The Walking DeadResurrection), Rio Mangini (Bella and the BulldogsEverything Sucks!, Bitch), Raffaela Capp (singer and actress, music video “So What” became popular), Tiffany Phillips, Wren Barnes, Natasha Capp, Chelsea Cook, Grant Harling, and more.

Watch The Official Trailer To REACH Here:

REACH had its world premiere on June 8 at Dances With Films, it is unknown when the film will be officially released. It has been produced by Cappricielli and Autumn Bailey Entertainment. We hope it is officially released soon, as this is one film that you need to see.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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