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DISCOVER: Raluka Releases New Single & Music Video “Whole Body”

We’ve finally got new music from Raluka. Her brand new single is titled “Whole Body” and will follow up her previous single “Undone“. She proves her worth with this song and visual, giving us Antonia and Alexandra Stan singing vibes mixed with Ace Wilder and Cheryl’s awesome dance energy; Raluka is set to light the world on fire with her music and her dance routines.

Raluka, real name Raluca Nistor, had a successful music career when she started out, grabbing Romanian chart hits as a featured collaborator on DJ Sava’s tracks, which led to her releasing catchy solo tracks that also hit the charts hard. In recent years, she’s gained popularity on socials although chart numbers have dwindled. She and Ana Banici became contestants on Asia Express, a new tough Romanian reality show, after sister duo Nicoleta and Iuliana Luciu withdrew. The show saw 18 celebrities (9 teams) compete with each other in a race across Asia with a travel budget of one dollar a day! Raluka and Ana Banici won the whole thing.

The song’s lyrics were written by Raluka and Nicoleta Gavrillita, whilst the music was created by Raluka, Marcel Botezan, and Sebastian Barac – the latter two were part of the trio Play & Win and later formed Marco & Seba who collaborate with INNA and Antonia often, so it’s no surprise this is a sure-fire hit track! As for production and orchestration, that comes from Mihai Bogdea and Quick (Bogdan Mihai). The basic low-budget music video was directed by Iustin Surpanelu, whilst Sorin Florea acted as assistant director. The brilliant and awesome dance choreography came from Cristian Miron.

Watch Raluka’s Music Video For New Single “Whole Body” Here:

The visual is beyond sexy, definitely bringing girl power to the table, just like Antonia did with “Hotel Lounge” and Dua Lipa did with “New Rules“. Raluka’s voice is stunning and she may have dipped into various styles of dance music but we truly believe she’s found her sound with this track; it completely suits her voice and gives her the perfect platform to showcase herself as an artist, all the while riding the wave for this up-and-coming genre that Eastern European artists are fully embracing.

As for the music video, we can’t help but be disappointed since the lights are all in the wrong place, reflecting off the camera and not allowing the viewers to see Raluka, and the dancers, properly. What lacks in visualisation and lighting placement is totally made up by Cristian Miron’s brilliant choreography that is nailed to a tee by Raluka and her dancers – just wow! We would love to see them perform this on a stage, as we have no doubt that this would energise any audience.

“Whole Body” is available to download and stream right now through Quantum Music and Global Records.

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