Laptop Singers perform on top of a hill with a beautiful landscape behind them, dressed in warm coats as it's clearly cold, with the single cover artwork for "Are You Ready For Love?" displayed in the top right corner.
Photo: Laptop Singers' Instagram

DISCOVER: Swedish duo Laptop Singers ask “Are You Ready For Love?” in their new single in collaboration with Roger Arvidson

Released last month, Laptop Singers have been bringing it with the single “Are You Ready For Love?” which features Roger Arvidson. The soft soul song has made quite the impact on its listeners, bringing an unforgettable melody with a touch of classic pop. This follows up Laptop Singers’ previous single “Time For A Change” which featured Chris Cron; as for Roger Arvidson, he is a much-loved Swedish vocalist who is mostly known for being in the band ANC4 who released their sophomore album “Strange Tide” last year.

Laptop Singers are a Swedish duo consisting of brothers Lars and Per Andersson, who have played together in Swedish pop bands for the last 30 years. This project between the brothers began in 2019 deciding to twist up a classic pop sound and make it modern with electro and modern dance. They record and produce all their music in Gothenburg, Sweden and are setting up to release a brand new album very soon, titled “Laptop Singers and Friends”, and then they plan to follow that up with their fourth studio album “Electric Ballads” in the autumn of 2022.

Self-written and self-produced, Laptop Singers shine completely with this soulful, classic pop, electro single. It’s quite the twist of sounds that just works so effortlessly that we just want to hear it again and again. With Spanish acoustic guitar notes running through the track, mixed with some horn chords and tantalising keys, the brother duo bring it, all the while Roger Arvidson lays down soft soulful, heart-melting vocals that just create this tranquil sound. “Are You Ready For Love?” really allows both Laptop Singers and Roger Arvidson to show who they are, with just this one perfect track.

Talking about the track, Laptop Singers said: “’Are You Ready for Love?’ is a soft pop/soul/electro song about the search for the things that really matter in life.”

Stream “Are You Ready For Love?” by Laptop Singers featuring Roger Arvidson here:

“Are You Ready For Love?” by Laptop Singers featuring Roger Arvidson is available to download and stream right now.

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