DISCOVER: Will Homewood And His New Song “Summer Love”

Last night, Will Homewood dropped an original song onto SoundCloud, titled “Summer Love”. This comes days after the announcement of his co-headline gig with Bronnie.

It all came about when he was promoting the sale of his gig tickets. He has been releasing cover videos on his Twitter in anticipation of the concert.

He urged fans to retweet and like his pinned tweet, which at the time was a cover version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”; promising that he would release an original song on SoundCloud.

See Will Homewood’s Tweets Here:

Almost an hour after his cover for the day, he revealed “Summer Love”. This is a brand new fresh track from Will Homewood; who, once again, proves his amazing singing ability.

Listen to Will Homewood’s “Summer Love” Track Here:

This stunning track will surely capture hearts around the world. His passionate words are sung with so much emotion that he clearly means every single word he is singing.

Crafted beautifully, the lyrics express a love for someone who is far away. During the verses, his stunning vocals are accompanied by a piano; before the upbeat chorus floods in. The lyrics go on to suggest that his love for someone came apparent last summer, and even though distance is clearly a problem, it’s something he plans to overcome.

This song just proves that Will Homewood has an incredible talent. Not only does he serenade us all with his soulful and moving voice, that leaves us breathless; not only does he give us amazing catchy lyrics. that has us singing along in no time at all; but, Will Homewood also manages to convey all his feelings in this song, placing his cards on the table and exposing what he is feeling deep inside.

“Summer Love” sounds as if it belongs on Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate album. It’s emotional, soulful, catchy, and addictive. One play is just not enough.

Don’t forget to buy tickets for his co-headline gig with the awesome Bronnie. It will take place on 4 February at the UnPlug venue in Birmingham.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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