DISCOVER: ZiBBZ Have Released Another Awesome New Single Titled “You And Me (Against The World)”

They’re best known for representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and not making it to the Grand Final but ZiBBZ isn’t leaving their career there, they are continuing to prove that they can still release great music. Their new single, “You And Me (Against The World)” is the start of a brand new era for ZiBBZ, and follows up the previous single “Citylights” which was the final single from their second studio album It Takes A Village.

ZiBBZ are a brother-sister country duo consisting of Corinne and Stefan Gfeller. They are best known for representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song “Stones”; they failed to make it through to the Grand Final, scoring a total of 86 points, placing 13th in their semi-final. Although these siblings are from Zurich, Switzerland, they are based in Los Angeles. Their albums have charted in their home country’s top 15 albums chart, and this new single suggests that they’ve started working on their third studio album.

This brand new song has been written by Corinne Gfeller, Ctodd Neilson, and Stefan Gfeller. The song starts off soulfully suggesting a new direction for ZiBBZ. Corinne Gfeller’s voice cuts in quick and speedy as she sings in rhythm to the drum pace as the chorus crashes in like a strong wave that has so much pressure and passion. This track is full of heart and soul with an indie-rock vibe entangled throughout. It’s a track that gets better and better the more times you play is.

Listen To ZiBBZ’s New Single “You And Me (Against The World)” Here:

“You And Me (Against The World)” is available to download and stream right now, through 6003 Records. We hope ZiBBZ plan to release more new music throughout this year.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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