DISNEY CHANNEL - The 100th Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) premieres this summer, a milestone in the franchise that has entertained kids and families for over 18 years, set all-time cable TV ratings records, helped define a generation and launched some of today's biggest stars. Ushering in the 100th movie, a re-imagined tale of the 1980s film "Adventures in Babysitting" starring today's popular actresses and recording artists Sabrina Carpenter ("Girl Meets World") and Sofia Carson ("Descendants"), is a nostalgic programming event featuring every DCOM ever made. The "100th DCOM Celebration" begins FRIDAY, MAY 27 with a four day marathon of the 51 most popular DCOMs followed by encore presentations of these and every other DCOM ever made through June. The movies will be seen on Disney Channel, the Disney Channel app and VOD through summer. (Disney Channel)

Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon

Many things have been reminding us of the 90s or early 2000s recently. 90s clothing styles are definitely repeating themselves and boy bands and girl groups from the late 90s and early 2000s are reuniting for tours. Another part of the 90s that has finally made its way back into the media are the Disney Channel Original Movies that we grew up with will air this weekend for a marathon filled with nostalgia. Starting yesterday (May 27), you can watch some of your favorite Disney Channel Original Movies in a marathon unlike any other!

What a perfect way to start the summer!  The marathon starts off with Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama and will end on May 30 with Johnny Tsunami.  They will also be playing Disney Channel Original Movies throughout June.  Make sure to set aside some time this weekend to watch some of your old favorites with your friends.  It’s time to reminisce.

Today’s schedule includes (May 27):

10:00 am Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama

11:20 am Read It and Weep

12:55 pm Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

2:40 pm Jump In!

4:15 pm Lemonade Mouth

6:15 pm Zapped

8:00 pm High School Musical 2

9:55 pm The Cheetah Girls 2

11:45 pm Zenon the Zequel

1:25 am Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

2:55 am Twitches Too

4:25 am Alley Cats Strike!


Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon 2


For the complete schedule, go to the Disney Channel Website!


What Disney Channel Original Movies are you looking forward to the most?  Is there one that they won’t be showing that you wish they were?  Let us know @CelebMix!

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