Disney’s Descendants 2 Has Dropped The Official Trailer To The Film

It has finally been released; the most anticipated Disney Channel sequel film, Descendants 2, has released the official trailer. It was first premiered on the Radio Disney Music Awards 2017, yesterday, following the exclusive world premiere of “Ways To Be Wicked”, shown tonight.

This new film has been teased a lot; it’ll be the summer film everyone will be talking about. It stars Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain, and a range of other stars. Directed by Kenny Ortega, known for directing the High School Musical franchise, as well as others.

Watch The Official Descendants 2 Trailer Here:

There are plenty of surprises throughout this trailer; yet, the major one is certainly seeing Mal (played by Dove Cameron) with blonde hair. How the entire team behind Descendants 2 kept that a secret from the fans, we’ll never know. She is trying to be one of the good kids. The opening scene sees reporters asking Mal about the Royal Cotillion, which is just three days away. She expresses her sadness at being this good kid, a lady of the court.

Mal goes back to the Isle of the Lost, believing she doesn’t belong in Auradon. However, there’s a new leader amongst the villain kids; it’s Uma, daughter of Ursula (played by China Anne McClain).

Ben (played by Mitchell Hope) believes that it’s all his fault, and follows Mal to the Isle of the Lost; after a villain kid make-over. Unfortunately, Uma catches Ben and requests that Mal gives her Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. Now it’s down to the Mal, Evie (played by Sofia Carson), Carlos (played by Cameron Boyce), and Jay (played by Booboo Stewart) to get the wand, save Ben, and defeat Uma.

The trailer has got the fans excited; but it’s going to be quite the wait for Descendants 2; as it will premiere across five networks on 21 July 2017. Expect a lot more teasers for this film in the coming months.

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The trailer reveals some fantastic lines, and we’re sure there will be more in the film. Mal is comical when she says: “Don’t you ever miss screaming at people and just making them run away from you?” To which Carlos replies with: “Not really.”

Then Mal says: “I don’t belong here.” Whilst crying; completely hitting us in the hearts, and we’re hoping another ballad of a song comes after this line, something similar to “If Only”; which she sang in the first film.

Uma makes us understand exactly where she’s coming from and why she’s so evil, she just wants revenge. She says: “That little traitor, who grabbed everything she wanted and left me nothing.” She later goes on to say: “When I get my chance to reign down the evil on Auradon. I will take it.”

The last line comes from Mal, and it’s a great ode to the previous film: “Losing. Not an option. Cuz we’re ‘Rotten to the Core’.”

But that’s not all. They also dropped the official music video for “Ways To Be Wicked”. The video has the four main stars around a cauldron with floating apples. These apples are given to the Auradon kids as well as some of the adults; turning the whole school into a wicked ensemble.

Watch The Official Video To Descendants 2 “Ways To Be Wicked” Here:

Expect some amazing musical numbers, including “Ways To Be Wicked”; expect sword fights, choreographed dance scenes, and Mal with blonde hair; and, expect friendship goals, poison apples, and Ben dressed as a villain kid; but, most of all, be prepared for this film to blow the first one out of the water – just like Dove Cameron said in the behind-the-scenes video.

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