Surprise! DNCE Announce Upcoming EP “People To People”

Despite the release of dancefloor-ready track, “Hands Up,” back in April and their own “DANCE,” before that, things have been pretty quiet on the DNCE front… That was until today, when the funky foursome surprised their fans with the news that they will be releasing their new EP titled, “People To People,” on Friday.

That’s just four days away! Insert super excited squeal here.

The group, made up of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle, have been teasing a lot of random pictures on their social media accounts lately. From snaps of the band themselves to ones taken inside a recording studio, DNCE have certainly been keeping their fans guessing.

But it wasn’t until a couple of hours ago when all of the cryptic posts finally became clear.

The upcoming EP, “People To People,” will be DNCE’s third big release, following their debut, “SWAAY,” which dropped when the band formed back in 2015, and their first full length self-titled album which was released in 2016.

Since the EP came as a total surprise to the group’s loyal fans we don’t know too much about it right now except for the fact that it is set to drop this Friday (15th June) and that it is going to be amazing.

You can already quote us on that. Trust us, we know our stuff.

You can check out the announcement of, “People To People,” on their Instagram page, along with an exciting sneak peek of what we are assuming is going to be the title track, right here:

Once it drops, make sure to buy and stream the EP on all of the usual platforms!

And cue the countdown to Friday…

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Written by Zoe Adams

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