Donovan J. Greening’s company “Greening Corporation” leads by example in the legal digital marketing industry.

The young digital entrepreneur from the US gives his top tips on digital marketing for law firms.

When people speak about the growing development and the success of certain industries, they never miss mentioning about the tremendous talent that drives these industries towards massive success. These individuals, who are most often the youngsters of the world, have been giving some major goals to the youth worldwide and are inspiring them in ways more than one across different industries and sectors. The digital wave, which has produced many such young and astute individuals and has given them and others incredible opportunities, proves how the world is gradually becoming digitalized, taking over multiple industries. The digital wave has drenched almost all industries that are now looking forward to optimizing these mediums to achieve optimum success and growth. Amongst these, how could the legal industry stay behind? It was noticed that many law firms increasingly came forward to utilize the digital space for making it huge in their industry and propel their names forward in their industry to stand apart from others. This led them to search for unique companies that could provide them with legal digital marketing solutions, and thus, companies like Greening Corporation came into existence. The firm is a vision of a modern-day entrepreneur from Farmington Hills, Michigan, the US, named Donovan J. Greening.

Explaining the importance of digital marketing for law firms, Donovan Greening, who studied from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) with a degree in Political Science and a Minor in Entrepreneurship, says that effectively marketing law firms online require many factors, which include, well maintained social media profiles, powerful website, high-quality content and robust advertising as well. All these put together can go ahead in attracting curious search engine users to their firms. Clients also need law firms that they can trust, and hence, having a great online presence is the need of the hour for them, points out Donovan J. Greening.

Below, the 23-year-old entrepreneur and owner of Greening Corporation, a company that aces the game as a law firm digital marketing agency of the US, lays out a few useful and general tips in digital marketing for law firms.

• Understand the power of content marketing: People get a chance to understand a firm’s expertise when they choose to publish high-quality and unique content. This content helps them act as an authority that people would want to trust with their legal issues. Also, Donovan Greening says that posting authoritative stories and content of experience in the industry also attracts more attention.

• Consider your blog as your PR platform: Donovan Greening says that it is essential for keeping blogs current as they can act as a PR platform, where the firms can discuss their community events, legal issues, their practice, industry-relevant news, which will help them in gaining more engagement and traction. More active and relevant blogs attract more attention and give people a reason to stay on their website.

• Utilize SEO: Firms can rank higher in search engine results pages by using the most accurate and right words and the most effective online strategies. Search engine optimization, which Donovan J. Greening excels at with his firm Greening Corporation says that it can do wonders if digital marketing companies focus on targeted local keywords, optimizing their pages, and categorizing their website.

• Take advantage of social media: If anything has the biggest influence on people, it is social media platforms. Social media platforms must be utilized for powerful word-of-mouth, influencer marketing and trust-based advertising. Donovan Greening highlights that it is essential to embrace social media marketing, as its biggest advantage is that one can build a strong relationship with a potential client. Responding to people with direct messages, tweets or comments makes firms more trustable and reliable in the eyes of the customers.

Donovan J. Greening has truly come a long way right from the time he started working at the age of 15. He would manage school while running two online businesses. He first initiated his YouTube channel “XVSound” and then came up with “XVTech” for web design and social media marketing and then finally founded “Greening Corporation”, which has today emerged as a top-notch digital legal marketing agency.

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Written by Monella