Dorian Electra channels Liberace in ‘Flamboyant’ music video

*Pop visionary and friend of CelebMix, Dorian Electra is back with their latest single, ‘Flamboyant’.

Extravagant and with exquisite visuals, fans have come to expect nothing left from Electra’s whacky take on electropop. In ‘Flamboyant’ they reclaim the adjective to prove that there is no such thing as ‘too much’.

Historically, the word ‘flamboyant’ has been used as a derisive term to describe over-the-top queer expression. I wanted to reclaim this word in a proud and unapologetic way, while at the same time poking fun at the need for masculine egos to be the center of attention at all times. Through satire in the video and track, I aim to take down this self-centered-bravado, while also encouraging a healthy level of confidence and self-love within one’s gender expression.”

– Dorian Electra

Catchy electropop that twists and turns every second, it’s another Dorian Electra single that further establishes the star as one of the leading names in the queer pop world. When speaking to CelebMix in December, Electra spoke of the importance of visuals in their work, “when I’m in the studio and writing the song, I’m always imagining what I am going to wear in the video and how I’m going to move my body”, and their creative mind is at the forefront in ‘Flamboyant’.

Co-directed by friend Weston Allen and continuing to work with the likes of Taylor Russ and Mood Killer, Electra isn’t changing a winning formula. Sticking to the single’s name, the track’s music video is the singer’s most extravagant to date with everything from gold Liberace piano moments to Mad Hatter-like opulence to empowering all-white chic – the styling by Electra themselves alongside Branden Ruiz, Caleb Davies and Marko Monroe is stunning.

Never one to follow the pop rulebook, Electra leaked the single’s sheet music earlier this week on Instagram, encouraging fans to interpret in their own way online before release day.

Following exciting writing sessions in Las Vegas with pals earlier this year, some of which was live-streamed to produce collaborative single ‘2 Fast‘, 2019 could be a year with a lot more Dorian Electra music to come.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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