Promotional photo of Dylan Santana standing in front of a white background, wearing a teal green suit jacket over a blue floral shirt. He is adjusting his gold watch on hi left arm with his right hand, out in front of his chest.

Dylan Santana is building both a career in the modelling industry as well as real estate

Many models in the industry have a day job but Dylan Santana plans to build up both his careers in modelling and real estate. He is a dedicated fashion model committed to being the best artist and disciplined to ensure he succeeds at his goals. We’ve seen it with many models, in the past, but most notably with Pietro Boselli who is a mathematics teacher turned model – he hit headlines around the world when one of his students realised that their maths teacher was also a model.

Dylan Santana likes to keep motivated to achieve his goals and he is considerate of simple things that most people ignore. He mentioned in an interview that these so-called simple things include helping your family and trying your best to be a difference in people’s lives. He clearly has a positive mindset, which is certainly needed in both the careers he’s focused on.

To overcome challenges, Dylan Santana believes that you need to stay disciplined and create a work schedule that suits you. His passionate nature comes from believing in himself and working towards his objectives as well as putting in the necessary practice. A hard-working attitude and self-belief are certainly going to work in his favour, especially within both the modelling industry, where it can be difficult to get gigs, and real estate, which we imagine isn’t easy to sell property to buyers.

Before a photo shoot or runway, Dylan Santana confessed that he listens to hip-hop artists to warm up, such as Lil Baby, 2pac, and Migos. Fashion-wise, he looks up to Migos and believes having icons and mentors, as well as people to look up to, can influence your success. He finds that the fashion influences from Migos have allowed him to up his game by keeping up with their trends.

His main goal is to get signed by a modelling agency, and he says that this goal is more significant than his current situation. We believe he can achieve this as he is prepared with a good portfolio that outlines his achievements and aspirations. On top of that, he has set his sights on growing his own real estate business.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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