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Elan Atias Releases “You Are Not Alone”

Reggae, rock, pop singer-songwriter Elan Atias, the former lead vocalist of The Wailers, reveals his brand-new single, “You Are Not Alone,” a song for anyone passing through loneliness and the ache of solitude. “You Are Not Alone” is the first single from Elan Atias’ upcoming EP, slated to drop in 2022.

Atias explains, “The important thing about this song is that it can have many different meanings, and everyone can relate to it in their own way. Quarantine, having COVID, being alone in the hospital, facing homelessness and alone on the street, a teenage girl who gets her heartbroken for the first time, a guy who thinks he has lost everything, and contemplating suicide….know you are not alone.”

Inspired by the epidemic of homelessness and mental health issues pervading Los Angeles, as well as a friend who was going through the pain of heartbreak, Atias co-wrote “You Are Not Alone” with Dylan Dunlap, Willy D. Abers, and Justin Poree.

In addition to traveling the world on tour with The Wailers, Atias has collaborated with major artists such as Gwen Stefani, Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg, Kenny Chesney, and Carlos Santana.

“You Are Not Alone” opens on low-slung guitars riding snapping percussion, followed by the entry of a gentle yet potent bassline as Elan’s inimitable tones imbue the lyrics with warm and tender timbres. An elegant piano adds trembling sparkles of color to the harmonic flow of the song. Distant, delicious harmonies add light depth and dimension to the tune.

Plush and compassionate, “You Are Not Alone” offers luxurious layers of sound topped by the deluxe voice of Elan Atias.

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Written by Randy

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