Elena Asher – A Trailblazing Female Entrepreneur

“A confident woman, a woman who truly knows her worth and her power is a force to be reckoned with.”

-Mandy Hale

Women are not only a symbol of empowerment, but they are fiercely immaculate leaders of today. They are more confident, ambitious, and proactively pursuing the career of their choice than it has ever been, substantially contributing a great socio and economic impact on the world. Gone are the days when “ambition” was considered a dirty word for women. They are passionate, creative, and resourceful iron ladies of today who know how to rule the world and bring it on the tip of their heels. With the passage of time and modernization, women have redefined the meaning of perfection. They view the world through the prism of potential and are the hallmark of hope, supremacy, motivation, and utmost dedication. They have the power to change the world. Their unique combination of authenticity and pragmatism, combined with the ability to strategize, innovate, and take decisive action, is what makes a woman a great leader and a role model for all. 

Women of this contemporary world make their way into society, never asking for financial support from others, and gaining independence through sheer strength of will. Their drive is born from self-confidence and sustains them through the most adverse situations. Their belief in their faculties and abilities is what keeps them going, even beyond points where the ordinary individual would give up. These shining examples of success as women, be it in entrepreneurship or a skill-based field, become beacons of hope for other women struggling with their own sets of challenges. 

One such luminary is Elena Asher, a female entrepreneur who has struck her own path in life despite the challenges. Besides being an entrepreneur, Elena Asher is also an eyelash extension expert, a professionally licensed lash artist, and an inspiration to women in the entire beauty industry. 

Although, her origins were not that great, as she was born in an unstable family back home in Russia. Her circumstances, however, taught her the valuable lesson that gaining financial freedom is key to success. She always dreamt of a comfortable life without becoming a burden on anyone else. Her passion for success made her work harder than anyone else around her. This quest for financial independence led her to her first job at a flower shop when she was as young as only 13 years. Neither it was her dream job not did it pay very well, but it gave Elena her first taste of financial freedom. This experience led her to explore many other industries, and she took up many jobs, earning her way in life. While studying in 12th standard, Elena, at the age of 17, was juggling two jobs simultaneously, not just trying to make ends meet but also saving up for a better future. 

With all the hustle she was doing at such a tender age, her hard work was finally paying off, and she gradually gained independence through it. To achieve something extraordinary, she had to take a risk. Therefore, Elena decided to drop out of school and pursue working full-time. She even went looking for a better life in Europe, but she didn’t find what she was looking for. Shortly, Elena’s quest for doing more with her life forced her to look at farther shores. She soon left to look for greener pastures in the US. 

After reaching her dream destination, the US, Elena Asher set her sights on a loftier goal; she wanted to make a name in the corporate world. To do so, she went back to her roots, the lash industry. And soon, with her perseverance, passion, and drive, she rose steadily up the ranks to make her tomorrow better than her today. Elena kept picking up more skills, expertise, and professional licenses with time. Eventually, after building herself up professionally and gaining enough confidence in herself, in 2011, Elena founded LashMakers. 

LashMakers became her cause, and Elena poured herself into building it into a huge, successful business empire. With Elena’s utmost determination, LashMakers is now one of the top leading brands in the entire US is a success. Today she has become one of the finest lash instructors in the world of beauty that has redesigned the art of lash making and educated over 400 lash makers annually across the globe to promote only the finest products. Despite attaining such massive success, she has never forgotten her roots and thus mentors a program that trains women to help them break out of their circumstances and become financially stable. A true inspiration to women everywhere, Elena Asher, has proven that success is not bound to anyone’s past, circumstances, age, place, or ethnicity. It only takes determination, passion, and a strong will to make success their new fate and change it the way one wants. Her hardworking and inspiring demeanor is what makes Elena Asher the epitome of success and a trailblazing entrepreneur of today.

“There’s no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

-Michelle Obama

Written by Monella