Eli Lieb releases new single '7th Grade' 1

Eli Lieb shares pensive and powerful new single ‘7th Grade’

With his exceptional new single ‘7th Grade’, Eli Lieb delivers an incredibly important message. The talented singer’s latest track is a call to arms to make the world a kinder place!

Recounting his own struggles growing up, Eli highlights the power of people’s words and the impact they can have on someone’s mental health. We need to be kinder to ourselves and to each other.

Eli wrote and produced ‘7th Grade’ all by himself. The vulnerable song, which is sure to touch the hearts of many, was mixed by Paul David Hager and mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge.

Speaking about his new single, Eli Lieb said: “This song is so important to me – imagine what our world would be like if we all supported each other and lifted each other up, rather than tearing each other down? I think social media has made a lot of us lose sight of kindness. It shouldn’t be a forum to nit pick everyone. There is no standard of beauty, no perfect age to be, no amount of things you should have to be counted as valuable. You are perfect just as you are in every single way and we should all celebrate and respect our differences. There should be no standard of anything except kindness and support.

‘7th Grade’ is available on all digital platforms here. The meaningful track serves as Eli Lieb’s first single of 2020 and we can’t give it enough praise. It’s beautifully sung and beautifully written.

Over the years, Eli has released tons of uplifting songs. His empowering single ‘Lightning In A Bottle‘ encourages people to embrace who they are while his touching track ‘When You Need A Friend‘ helps people realise they’re never alone. The openly gay singer is certainly inspirational.

Back in 2018, Eli Lieb dropped his phenomenal album ‘The Nights We Lived‘ and he gave us an exclusive insight into every track on the record. Read his in-depth guide here. Make sure you also keep up with Eli via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Written by Mark Willis

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