Elizabeth’s “Happier Now” is a Deep Contemplation After Heartbreak

Australian creator, singer and songwriter Elizabeth writes romantic music full of fervor and thrill. Her latest single is entitled “Happier Now” and is the first single in a series of three that profiles the stages of getting over a breakup.

“Happier Now” is a stunning and dreamy indie pop number with moody synths and Elizabeth’s signature svelte-smooth vocals leaving the listener hanging on every note. Her intoxicating mix of pop, folk, and electronic creates a blissful sonic escape unlike any other. “Happier Now” is a collaboration with The Temper Trap’s Toby Dundas and details that first glimmer of hope one has when they are finally starting to get over a past relationship. Elizabeth shares, “Happier Now is about the feelings that come after a heartbreak, you know, you are getting better, you are healthier, you won’t fall apart if you see your ex at a party. But you also start to have the rose coloured nostalgia for a relationship that was no good and wondering what could have been if you’d been able to make it work.”

The adjoining music video shows Elizabeth in a flowy dress singing and moving against dramatic ocean landscapes and dark cliff sides. Acclaimed filmmaker Nick Mckk directed the video adding the perfect accompaniment to Elizabeth’s enthralling new single.

Elizabeth began releasing music in 2019 and her debut album The Wonderful World of Nature attracted critical and commercial acclaim alike. The songwriter effortlessly captures glamor, tragedy and self growth in her music, inspiring others to be their true self.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast
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