Elliot Lee Shares New Single “Fun” Just in Time for Summer

New York based artist Elliot Lee has just shared their latest alt pop single “Fun”. The track fuses elements of pop, electronic, rock and disco for an enthralling musical melting pot.

In “Fun” Elliot Lee shares their experiences as being autistic but also having a job as a performer where one is in the spotlight. Elliot confides, “Fun is a song about neurodivergence masquerading as a song about wanting to be famous. In a way the two feelings share a very similar space in my chest, so I wanted to capture that overlap—and while fame and neurotypicality sound nice on the surface, I also know how much I’d lose if l ever achieved either.” With such a raw and honest personal confession, Elliot Lee inspires others to be open about their struggles and hardships. The track musically impresses with synthesizer- heavy landscapes and a bold and alluring hook.

Elliot Lee is LGBTQI+ and is an inspiration for many who have been diagnosed with Autism. The extremely creative performer not only writes their own songs but also illustrates their release artwork and has even created their own music video. As commander of the “bubblegum army”, their fanbase is deeply dedicated and welcoming.

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Written by Leah

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