Elyar Is Back With A Brand New EP Titled “SVFARI” Coming This Friday

How can we ever forget his amazing singles “Do It All Over Again” and “A Billion Girls”? Unfortunately, the expected album from Elyar Fox never materialised. Instead, an acoustic EP was release and then silence followed. It took a few years, but Elyar made a surprise return with “Beautiful Human”, which he released on 3 March 2017. He will now follow that up with a debut EP, titled “SVFARI”, which will be out on 7 April 2017.

The announcement of this EP was made via a teaser video. The video gives a snippet of a new song, whilst revealing, what we presume, is the EP cover. The cover is similar to “Beautiful Human” with the baby character in a whole new stance. The song title hasn’t been announced but the lyrics suggest: “Switch Your Love”.

Watch The Announcement Of Elyar’s Debut EP here:


Not much else is known about this EP, although we reckon “Beautiful Human” was the first single to be released from “SVFARI”. Comparing the snippet to “Beautiful Human”, we can hear the direction that Elyar has taken, it’s much more soulful, mixing elements of pop and R&B with his emotionally capable voice. “Beautiful Human” is definitely a song you have been missing out on if you haven’t heard it before; one we have played often as we anticipate new music. Only a few more days to go.

Since the video is titled “Teaser #1”, we are totally expecting another to drop tomorrow.

UPDATE: Elyar did drop a second teaser the day afterwards. This one is a similar video as before – only with the baby image in another new position, only we hear a whole new snippet. This track heads towards a more electronic / chilled-out house vibe that’s about the weekend.

Watch Elyar’s Second Teaser Video Here:


For those of you who have been thinking that this is a completely new route for Elyar – you’d be right. Elyar Fox is no more. Leaving his pop-induced songs behind him, we now have a new and improved Elyar, who feels extremely passionate about these songs he plans to release.

He took time away to develop his sound; to become the sort of artist he wanted to be. Now he’s starting all over again, as an independent artist.


He’s message to his fans also reveals why he has named his EP “SVFARI”, although no more details have been released, yet. We expect to see “Beautiful Human”, for sure, as well as a full version of the snippet song we hear in the teaser video. The EP is out on Friday 7 April 2017.

Listen To Elyar’s First Single “Beautiful Human” Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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