Emei Shares Hard-hitting Alt Pop Single “Trust Issues”

Off of the success of her pop rock banger “That Girl”, Emei has unleashed another thrilling single. Called “Trust Issues”, the track was influenced by a dream she had about shaving her head and ultimately letting go.

“Trust Issues” seamlessly blends pop, rock and electronica for an enticing listen. The single is full of captivating melodies, driving beats and downtempo synths for a heart-pounding adventure. Thematically, “Trust Issues” is a relatable narrative that details the process of trying to trust people and ultimately realize you can’t do everything yourself. In life it is important to be self-reliant but at the same time we all need each other from time to time and Emei relays this in her latest single.

Emei first burst onto the scene with her Spotify viral hit “Late To The Party”. The artist just began releasing music in 2021 but has already built a fanclub around the globe who are attracted to her raw and authentic lyrics as well as sing-a-long worthy melodies.

Take a listen to Emei’s “Trust Issues” now and tweet us @celebmix your thoughts.

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Written by LeahBlack

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