Emily Henry Unveils her Irresistibly Charming Video for “How It Feels”

In a world where a lot of people put up a front, it can be hard to know who to trust. So many will be kind to your face and talk trash behind your back. Being surrounded by all these facades, we yearn for a deep sense of genuineness. Emily Henry’s single “How It Feels” is all about breaking free from monotony through a real love connection. It is an infectious salute to rejoicing romance. Her smooth, upbeat vocals glide atop bubbly arrangements to create the ultimate ecstasy. Henry’s track was also inspired by the beautiful love story that blossomed between the main characters of the queer pirate television show Our Flag Means Death. She reveals, “It’s a love story between two middle-aged men, both of whom are finding something good and real for the first time in their lives. Their fumbling romance is sweet, awkward, hilarious, and deeply relatable.”

The video represents the song’s message seamlessly. It begins with a fun activity of playing a board game that leads to a blowup fight. Henry takes solace though in the little joys such as cuddling her cat. This is similar to the way we get bogged down by the stress of feeling like we do not belong, but then find delight in a sincere partnership. Ending with everyone putting aside their differences, it reminds us that sometimes we fit in more than we think.

Emily Henry is a dedicated DC-based singer/songwriter. Through her blissful pop music, she has obtained a loyal fan base. Henry’s also gained a large following as a popular twitch streamer. Her vocals are tender and soft, yet possess an undeniable strength. During the 2020 lockdown, she began showcasing her music via live streaming, hosting concerts a few times a week. “How It Feels” focuses on finding comfort in authenticity and she definitely does the same with her craft. Take a listen to “How It Feels” now and tweet us your thoughts @celebmix

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