Promotional photo for "how we used to be" which sees Emily Morsen posing with the sea behind her. She's wearing a black dress with a big open-cleavage section, while her long wavy we hair is falling past her elbows.

Emily Monsen drops stunning new music video for her emotional sweet ballad “how we used to be”

Just released is the awesome new music video to “how we used to be” by Emily Monsen who absolutely performs with honesty and integrity. Those emotions in every single scene of this music video are real and effortlessly showcases Emily Monsen, not only as an incredible singer-songwriter but also as a brilliant actress. The single was officially released on April 13, 2023, and is the follow-up to her sophomore single, “in pieces”.

Emily Monsen is a rising country singer-songwriter, based in San Antonio, Texas. From a young age, she knew she wanted to be on stage and so she entered a variety of talent shows while she was in school, and she even went on to win KJ97’s Country Kid contest in 6th grade. Her dream is to go on and perform at the biggest country music stages from Red Rocks to the Ryman. She dropped her debut single in November 2022, titled “lost anything”, and soon followed that up with “in pieces” in January, but it was her April 2023 single that launched this incredible singer-songwriter, titled “how we used to be”, the track has gone on to become her most-streamed single with over 6k streams on Spotify. Her rising stardom is not a surprise as her superb vocals, emotional songwriting skills, and her driven focus are exactly the ingredients that will land her on the top country stages and beyond.

Not holding back for even one second, Emily Monsen completely delivers with “how we used to be”, bringing heartfelt emotion and reflection to this country, laid-back ballad. The track starts with a subtle guitar and added piano chords, highlighting Emily Monsen’s gorgeous vocals as she leads us into her world and how she never got closure from a breakup when she was 18, but she’s now reflecting back on it and choosing to see the good times only – positivity is so important.

Watch the official music video to “how we used to be” by Emily Monsen here:

As for the music video – which was directed by Emily Monsen, Mason Harty & Elisa Lopez, with the latter two being the videographers and Emily Monsen being the video editor – we watch this awesome singer-songwriter flood the visual with undeniable emotion and realism, it’s clear this track means a lot to her, and you can almost feel her hurt whilst she sings the track. Acting brilliantly, looking beautiful, and blowing the audience away with the concept as a whole, Emily Monsen shines with “how we used to be” and we can not wait to see what the future brings to this talented woman!

Stream the awesome new single on Spotify here:

“how we used to be” by Emily Monsen is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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