Emma Blackery Announces New EP ‘Magnetised’

Emma Blackery just dropped some exciting news on Twitter about upcoming new music. Her 5th EP is on the way- and it’s called Magnetised! The image above was announced as the official cover of the EP.

Emma described Magnetised as “my final goodbye to a lot of things that have graced my life. It is the line I am drawing under my past.” She went on to say that: “love is being magnetised towards someone, against your better judgement, despite their flaws, and resisting the need to pull away from them.”

Emma also revealed that the EP will have six tracks. Two of the tracks are some of the first demos Emma ever recorded, and were the reason she started her YouTube channel back in 2012. Another two songs are about “moving forward, away from a love that you cannot shake, away from your mistakes & parting ways with your hurt.”

The other two songs are tracks we’ve heard in demo form before, and according to Emma are about “the worst heartbreak I have ever experienced.” If we had to take a guess, one of those songs could be this demo called ‘Instead’ that Emma uploaded last year.

Before she made the announcement, Emma pulled an Ed Sheeran and changed her Twitter layout to a light shade of blue. She then proceeded to post six graphics with what we can assume are song lyrics- most likely one from each track of the EP. Check them out below:







Which of the lyrics above is your favourite? We absolutely love the blue and white aesthetic this new era has!

About one month ago, Emma took a trip to Wales to record the songs for this EP. She made a video documenting some of her experiences while recording.

There is yet to be an official release date or tracklist for Magnetised, but Emma said that another announcement is on the way tomorrow evening. Stay tuned to her Twitter to hear the news first. We can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.