EMMY Releases Upbeat New Single “COOL GIRL”

Pop music sensation EMMY releases her new single, “COOL GIRL,” a song about her happy-go-lucky point of view on trends and chasing the latest fad. Released via GODMODE Music, “COOL GIRL” exhibits EMMY’s sui generis pop flair.

Talking about the song, EMMY shares, “When we were in the studio writing ‘COOL GIRL,’ it actually started because we were talking about my first song and how a lot of people didn’t like it online. It felt like a lot of people just saw people hating on it, so they just started doing the same. ‘COOL GIRL’ came from the idea that if you like something and think it’s cool, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and you should just own it and be yourself.”

EMMY soared to internet fame after filming her breakdown subsequent to getting a parking ticket on the way to a concert. After going viral, vast legions of people not only sympathized but found her reaction endearing.

Utilizing mind-blowing covers of Lorde and Billie Eilish, she expanded her TikTok following to more than 3,000,000 followers, followed by releasing her debut single, “STUPID BIG TEETH,” amassing more than eight million streams, as well as support from mega-artists such as Matty Healey, Haley Williams, and Taylor Swift.

At once unique and quirky, EMMY’s sound is personal and relatable, while also revealing her raw, natural talent as a songwriter.

“COOL GIRL” opens on vibrant, contagious tones topped by EMMY’s alluring voice. Irresistible and buoyant, the rhythm throbs with delicious resonance, while EMMY’s dazzling timbres imbue the lyrics with easygoing, evocative flavors.

“I always do what I please / And I don’t care what you think / Cause anything is cool / If you want it to be / Dah dah dah dah…”

EMMY has it going on! “COOL GIRL” brims with captivating energy, encouraging others to be themselves, which is totally cool.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.