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EP REVIEW – Carrie Lane – ‘California Freaks’

Here at CelebMix, we have a penchant for artists who bare their souls, so it’s safe to say that Carrie Lane has firmly secured a place in our hearts.

We first introduced you to the singer, songwriter and model last year when she released ‘Drowning’. The irresistible ballad forms part of her newly released four-track EP California Freaks which acts as Carrie’s diary of some sorts. Written about her personal experiences, the EP offers love and heartbreak in equal measures.

The EP begins with the hypnotic ‘Florida Keys’. Carrie’s distinct vocal shines over the tropical beat which hooks you in immediately. The song has a slick yet sultry vibe to it, and after listening to the EP in its entirety, it definitely stands out as a favourite of ours.

Next up is ‘Drowning’, which we featured on CelebMix last year. Co-written with ROZES and Pat Mencel, Carrie told us that ‘Drowning’ is “about that feeling you get when you first meet someone and they consume all of your senses.” The song expresses this sentiment perfectly as it is completely captivating. The chilled ballad has an irresistible beat, and once again we are in love with Carrie’s vocal.

Fun fact for you, California Freaks (the title of the EP) derives from a lyric in ‘Drowning’, which Carrie defines as “the best way I could describe how I was feeling when I moved to Los Angeles and was meeting all of these different …characters. It felt like a ‘other worldly’ freak show/circus experience at first and that was how I chose to categorize the men and the city I was developing a love/hate relationship with.”

Next up is ‘If I Can’t Be With You’, a classic pop track which deserves to be heard. It carries a chic old-school vibe and shows yet another side to Carrie. The track, which is about being hopelessly in love with someone, was given the music video treatment earlier this year. Speaking to Paste about the song, Carrie said: “I remember being a teenager and every time I started dating a boy I would have these butterflies in my stomach all of the time and I would talk about it nonstop with my girlfriends. When they would ask me questions like, ‘what happens if he breaks up with you?’ I would say, ‘I’d rather DIE’ in the most dramatic fashion possible. I’ve definitely matured out of that stage of puppy love, but I have always been a hopeless romantic and when I fall, I fall hard, and this song is a testament to that.”

The four-track EP is rounded off by ‘Think About It’, which provides a laid back ending to proceedings. The RnB tinged song is completely different from the other three tracks and strays away from any sort of pop element. The beat is so unusual, and lyrically the track gives us a deeper insight into Carrie’s character.

The song is extremely personal, and in an interview with Inspirer Magazine, Carrie opened up about its meaning. “‘Think About It’ is, out of all these songs, the roughest and most raw. I feel like when something doesn’t go my way, I try to find a numbing device to cope with it. And it’s not always the healthiest. It’s about turning to alcohol to avoid dealing with the emotion of being heartbroken. It’s about the experience when you think you’re over something or somebody, and you’re just going about your day. You’re thinking, “this doesn’t hurt anymore. I wake up and it’s not the first thing I think about anymore,”” she said. “But then the second you put something in your body — whether drugs or alcohol or whatever it is — you instantly go back to that stomach ache of missing that person. You realize you’re not really over it. I know a lot of my friends have gone through it. I’ve definitely gone through it. You’re like “I’m so strong, I’m so over this!” And then the second that substance hits your body, you’re like “hmm, wait maybe I’m not really admitting to myself where I’m at with the situation”.”

California Freaks perfectly represents Carrie’s cool style of pop. Each of the four tracks are unique and show a different side to the artist, however, they have been woven together by Carrie’s unmistakably captivating voice. Her songs come from the heart, making them relatable to any listener who’s ever fallen in or out of love. It’s refreshing to listen to a body of music which is full of emotion from the get go. As the third EP under her belt, California Freaks shows Carrie in her rawest form, and proves to be her most breathtaking work yet.

If you’d like to witness the magic of California Freaks live, Carrie will be supporting ROZES at The Resident, Los Angeles on July 7, and The Parish @ House of Blues, Anaheim on July 9. Full information is available here here.

California Freaks is available now.

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