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EP REVIEW: Jen Janet – ‘Dangerous’

Blind Revision’s Jen Janet is pushing her musical boundaries as an artist, having released her debut solo EP Dangerous.

Whilst her band are known for their alternative rock sound, Jen has stepped out to create something personal to her, unleashing a pop vibe which we wouldn’t normally associate with the artist. The four-track EP is full of catchy dance beats, which shows a different side to Jen. She also further proves her versatility with a stunning piano ballad called ‘In Bloom’, recorded with Chris Piquette of Trophy Wives.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new sound during our recent interview, Jen said: “I’m inspired by anything I hear or see, and I listen to a lot of different genres of music. I think that a lot of musicians limit themselves by listening to just one type of music- but that ultimately hurts you in the end. I think doing that hinders your creativity. For that reason, I’m inspired by a wide variety of artists, like Coheed and Cambria, Lady Gaga, Deadmau5, The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Tesseract, Lana Del Rey etc. I could go on and on.”

The Dangerous EP brings a refreshing dance/EDM vibe to current pop music. Opening track ‘Dangerous’ is a great introduction to the EP, which immediately calls for your attention. Complete with a thumping beat, the track has a hypnotically dark undertone to it which is addictive. Lyrically, it’s one of our favourite songs from the EP. With lyrics such as “If looks could kill she’d be your very own machine gun,” it’s hard not to be sucked in by this brutally honest track.

In contrast, ‘Can’t Breathe’ is a brighter pop track, which once again has an infectious beat. The chorus is the song’s strength, although the track as a whole is one which will make you want to get up on the dancefloor for sure. We love Janet’s vocals during the chorus, as you can truly hear her passion.

The third EP track is ‘Moonlit Dancefloor’, which opens with a hypnotic melody. Once the verse kicks in, we are introduced to an electro-pop track which proves to be just as infectious as the previous two songs. The track slows down near the end, providing a calm moment, before the beat kicks in once again. ‘Moonlit Dancefloor’ was made for dancefloors across the globe, and we plan on dancing to it all night long.

Finally, there’s ‘In Bloom’ which is completely different from the rest of the EP. Giving the dance beats a break, ‘In Bloom’ is a stunning piano ballad which showcases Jen’s voice. Lyrically, the song discusses toxic friendships and relationships, something which we can all relate to. Whilst we’ve loved losing ourselves in the dance vibe of the previous three tracks, ‘In Bloom’ is a beautiful offering from Jen, which truly proves her versatility as an artist. We’re not too sure if it fits in all that well with the rest of the EP, considering the uptempo nature of the other three tracks. However, as a standalone it’s one of Jen’s strongest solo tracks.

Overall, the Dangerous EP proves that Jen is a woman of many talents. Steering away from the Blind Revision sound, she has demonstrated that she is able to deliver not one, but four incredible pop tracks. The EP would be more balanced if there was an additional piano track like ‘In Bloom’, however, it’s safe to say that Jen knows how to deliver lyrically brilliant songs, whether they’re bop-worthy dance tracks or a heart-wrenching ballad.

Whilst Blind Revision will be releasing new music soon, we hope that Jen Janet will continue to deliver her soul-bearing pop tracks too. More catchy pop music is never a bad thing, in fact, it’s just what the world needs.

Dangerous is available now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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