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EP Review: Sian Cross’ “Conscious”

There is absolutely no denying that Sian Cross is insanely talented. She is a West Country born, London based singer and songwriter who rightfully only seems to go from strength to strength with each passing day. Over the years, she has shared the stage with an array of well-known artists including Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, and Daniel Bedingfield, but now it is time for her to step into her own spotlight.

Sian’s sound is infectious; it is intimate, honest, and compelling. She is best known for her pitch-perfect vocals and her ability to turn real life stories into immersive songs, and her latest offering which comes in the form of a five-song EP called, “Conscious,” is no exception to this. It is packed with heart-stopping tales, spine-tingling vocals, and layered songs that leave you feeling all kinds of things.

And because we love, “Conscious,” so much, we decided to review it track-by-track, so here goes…

Tell Anybody
Tell Anybody was initially penned about a man’s struggle with his sexuality but it has since grown to become an anthem for everyone who is struggling or fighting what feels like an uphill battle. Although it is a song which is open to interpretation and it could fit many different scenarios, the aim of it is to inspire people to be true to themselves no matter what.

And we are pleased to report that Tell Anybody achieves its aim, one-hundred percent. The song is so beautiful at the beginning that you almost forget the hard nature of what it is really about. It starts off quiet, delicate almost, but the simple sound of the piano does wonders for Sian’s voice. It is a great opportunity for the listener to hear how naturally incredible the tone of her voice is and how it melts into the sound of the piano so effortlessly.

The song then builds and becomes a little more upbeat and as the music builds and more layers are added to it, you can feel your mood lifting and building too. When Sian sings, “I’m not afraid, I’m not ashamed…” you feel as though you want to grab your hairbrush and shout the words out into it, proving that you’re not afraid of anything or anyone. It’s as though you can get through anything by shouting those words out like Sian does on the track.

Then the song softens again, and this is the structure throughout. It builds you up and then it brings you back down again which seems to portray life and how it is a series of ups and downs. Like once you have overcome one battle, something else is thrown at you which you must find the strength to overcome once more. But the song ends on an upbeat note which leaves the listener feeling happy and positive, and it seems to remind them that they are strong enough to make it through everything that is thrown their way. With this in mind, it definitely achieves its aim of inspiring people.

Stare At Me
Stare At Me was written after Sian was diagnosed with a Teratoma at only twenty years old. After a procedure to remove it, Sian was left with several scars which she was initially very insecure about. Time was great in the healing process but it was a Katie Piper documentary which really motivated Sian to reveal her true self, scars and all. After coming to terms with her new image, she wrote this as a way of showing how strong and beautiful she felt after surviving all that she had been through.

Sian wanted the song to be an anthem for everyone who has ever felt judged or put down for their appearance. She wanted it to provide those who are struggling with hope and a new sense of being and she definitely achieved that. Stare At Me as a song is just as beautiful as the story and message behind it.

The song starts off quite slow but that only seems to add to the realness of it. It allows the listener to hear the raw emotion in Sian’s voice as she sings the words that are on her heart, and it gives them the chance to really connect with the song and the meaning of it. The track will undoubtedly give you goosebumps as it builds ever so slightly to become a great ballad. It almost reminds us of, “Gravity,” by Sara Bareilles or even, “My Immortal,” by Evanescence but these comparisons definitely shouldn’t take away from how incredible and beautiful this song is in its own right.

The World As I
Simply put, The World As I is stunning. Everything from the composition of the music to Sian’s voice on the track just screams elegance. It is a genuinely beautiful song which could easily soothe you to sleep… Not because it’s a boring song, but because it is so melodic and relaxing. It is definitely one of our favourite songs on the EP.

On And On
On And On is definitely a very empowering song which Sian wrote after she encountered a female stripper one day. After talking to the stripper and getting to know her a little better, Sian concluded that, “her story is a very empowering one as she is now running her own company and doing very well for herself,” and that is where the idea for the song came to life.

Again, Sian delivers pitch-perfect harmonies on the track and the surrounding music is beautiful. It is definitely an empowering song, and you can easily decipher this from the very first beat. The sounds build as the song goes on, and the layers make it the perfect mid-tempo song. The repetition of, “on and on and on…” throughout the track takes you on a journey, almost as if you are on a rollercoaster going round and round and round, on and on and on with no signs of stopping. And then suddenly, it reaches its climax and ends leaving you feeling stronger and more empowered than ever.

Four Weeks
Four Weeks is probably one of the most poignant and personal songs on the EP. Sian wrote it about eight years ago following the death of her father so for obvious reasons it will always have a special place in her heart, but it has also proven to be a lifeline to other people who have suffered the same kinds of loss. Sian explains, “Since releasing the song, I have recieved a number of messages from people expressing the comfort and strength that Four Weeks had given them. One person even told me that they hadn’t been able to grieve for their mum but this song allowed them to release the pain they had been hiding.”

Basically, this song is outstanding. Unlike the previous songs on the EP which feature a perfect mix of Sian’s flawless vocals and stunning music, this track lets the raw tone of Sian’s voice take center stage. The powerful emotion she carries echoes through every syllable she utters and every line of lyrics seems to be even more intense than the lines prior.

After listening to this song, we can definitely understand why it is such an inspiration so many others who have been through similar losses to Sian. Quite simply, it is perfect.

So there you have it. Sian Cross’ magnificent and truly brilliant EP, “Conscious,” which is available to buy and stream everywhere right now!

And we would definitely recommend that you buy yourself a copy because simply put, it may change your life. Sian’s ability to take real life stories from both her own life and the lives of those around her and to turn them into the masterpieces that are the five songs on her EP is amazing. Her talent is an extraordinary one which should be treasured for a very long time.

Following the making of her EP, Sian said that the process had been really rewarding and that every story told and every person spoken to had inspired her and taught her something new. “I hope that the music can do the same for others,” she said, and we are pleased to report that it has. It has already touched us here at CelebMix and it is sure to touch everyone else who listens to her EP too.

So go and check it out, and also make sure to follow Sian on Twitter and send her some love!

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Written by Zoe Adams

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