Eric Nam releases the music video for “Miss You”

Following the successful release of his six-track EP “Honestly”, Eric Nam is back to mesmerise his fans with his new single. Since last few weeks, the singer-songwriter had been teasing his new music video across social media but today, the complete video was finally made available for fans to enjoy.

Titled “Miss You”, Nam’s new single touches upon an individual’s emotions as she/he reminiscences about her/his past lover. Lyrically, the song works on the motif of “denial” as the person is seen being indifferent to his feelings towards his beloved while subconsciously, there is a yearning to go back to the past.

The music video is a brilliant showcase of Nam’s acting skills. Offering his expressions as a clear contrast to the words, his performance successfully justifies the title. When Nam released the music video for “Potion”, the artist garnered attention for his beautiful representation of the Latin culture and now with this song too, the singer and the team have showcased their maturity as individuals. The lyrics of the song do not consist of any gender specific pronouns. Instead, Nam uses “me” and “you” to personify the pain and paint his narrative. This enables the song to reach everyone and anyone who might be going through a similar phase in their lives.

Musically, the guitar backed track seems to be a continuation of “Honestly”. “Miss You” offers a “visual” representation of Nam’s vocals as he adds different colours to the song by making an excellent use of his vocal abilities.

The year has been a good one for the singer. Nam did not just release his EP but also completed his tour on a really positive note, collaborated with Loote for their hit single “Your Side of the Bed” and performed as the only Korean act on the lineup at We The Fest alongside Lorde, James Bay, Miguel, SZA, and ODESZA.

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