Eric Saade Has Released The Music Video For “Så jävla fel”

A week after the release of his debut Swedish-language single, Eric Saade has dropped the music video for “Så jävla fel“, which means “So damn wrong” in English. The song is one of our favourite releases of the year but does the music video live up to the track?

Eric Saade is a household name in Sweden but is mostly internationally known for representing his home country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song “Popular”. He’s gone on to collaborate with many great stars and has released a bunch of addicting singles. This latest one is his first Swedish-language release, not counting the covers he released as part of the Swedish TV show Så mycket bättre, and this has to be one of our favourite Swedish-language songs of all time – you need to listen.

The music video has been directed by Fritz Dölling and Eric Saade, whilst the former acted as director of photography and editor. This isn’t exactly what we were hoping for in regards to this very imagery-led single; since, instead, we get a performance visual. We watch this Swedish male superstar sing the song in a house, writing this song, looking longingly at memories, and smoking a cigarette at the end. This could’ve been so much more but the absolutely incredible song makes up for the basic music video.

Watch Eric Saade’s Music Video To “Så jävla fel” Here:

“Så jävla fel” is available to download and stream right now. It’s Eric Saade’s first independent release having broken away from his record label, could this mean another album could be on its way? We can only hope.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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