Eric Saade Has Released Brand New Single “Så jävla fel”

Another Swedish superstar has released a brand new track; Eric Saade has dropped “Så jävla fel” which means “So damn wrong” in English. It is his first official single release which is completely sung in Swedish and follows up his previous single “Another Week”, as well as the releases from being on Swedish TV show Så mycket bättre.

Eric Saade is perhaps known globally for representing Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, coming in third place. It was the year that Ell & Nikki won with “Running Scared” and also the year before Loreen won it for Sweden with “Euphoria”. He’s a household name in Sweden, having been a part of boy band What’s Up before going on a solo career which led him to compete in Sweden’s national selection show for Eurovision 2010, Melodifestivalen, with the song “Manboy”, where he came third overall. He went on to release his debut album Masquerade which peaked at number two on the Swedish Album Chart. Next, he competed on Melodifestivalen 2011, which he subsequently won with “Popular”, allowing him to represent his home country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, where he came third.

Since then, he’s had hits with “Hearts In The Air”, which featured J-Son, “Hotter Than Fire”, which featured Dev, “Sting”, which saw him enter Melodifestivalen 2015 this time he came fifth overall, and “Wide Awake”, which featured Gustaf Norén. His other albums, Saade Vol. 1Saade Vol. 2, and Forgive Me all soared to number one in Sweden, with the latter charting well in Norway, Denmark, and Finland, as well. Now, he’s parted ways with his record company and has released this single independently, with promises of a new album on its way – we cannot wait!

The song has been written by, according to Spotify, Aron Bergerwall, Aron WyMyel, Eric Saade, Thomas Stenström, and Tobias Bergerwall; whilst it has been produced by Aron Bergerwall Gevin and Aron WyMe – which Google reveals that they are the same person. This has to be one of the catchiest Swedish songs we’ve ever heard, and we are fans of various Swedish singers so we’ve heard a fair few Swedish songs thus far. You just need to take a listen to this.

Listen To Eric Saade’s “Så jãvla fel” Here:

This is definitely one that gets stuck in our heads. Eric Saade is accompanied with a piano throughout his blissful vocal, that effortlessly displays why he deserved to win Eurovision all those years ago. Not only that but since this has just been released he could be one of the entrants to Melodifestivalen 2019 – we sure hope so because we would certainly love to see him perform this song on stage.

If our rough Google Translate is anything to go by the song is about the day his lover leaves him forever and everything feels just so damn wrong as the rain pours over the town. We could imagine such an epic narrative music video to accompany this track, whilst Eric Saade expresses the song with a heartfelt and passionate performance. You can feel every emotion in these words, chilling us to the bone. Eric Saade just brings it for this song and it excites us for more new music.

“Så jävla fel” is available to download and stream right now. We expect the new album to be released in the coming months and we can only hope that a music video for this amazing song gets released soon.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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