Escape The Norm With The Growing Music By Peter Stelling

Peter Stelling, a music artist, shares his journey of challenges and success that led him to pursue music.

Music is a way to escape reality, stressful situations, and traumas. It also helps people create core memories and enjoy their life with the eccentric music from every artist. Creating songs that touch the heart of the audience is a talent that not many possess, but for people like Peter Stelling, it is their passion that fills their music with emotion and love which makes people sway on each beat. No piece of music should go unheard, and that goes for any type of music. You should feel comfortable expressing yourself. All types of music and songs should be allowed in the world. 

Peter Stelling is a multi-faceted person with many skills under his belt. He stumbled upon his passion for music and connected with it when he recognized the creative freedom that accompanies it. He started writing songs when he was in elementary school. Collaborating with other singers, musicians, and other talented individuals has always been something that got him excited and made him happy. The thought of creating a new song or sound enriched his well-being and gave him a purpose in life to pursue. Over time, he has honed his musical skills through exceptional songwriting and singing and has always taken the initiative to help the artists that are struggling professionally by guiding them.

Uplifting Other Artists

Peter has faced many grueling challenges on his path to becoming an artist. He couldn’t get a lot of equipment and still didn’t lose hope and the dedication to create stellar music. He wants to help other struggling artists in the same way. 

He also has the goal to bring funding to the low-income areas of Orlando, Florida, for the other talented artists and groups who are struggling to create music due to lack of resources. He will create music clubs for artists to connect and write, and when they achieve something great, He wants to be able to give those clubs funding to push the music into the world. There are so many other talented people in Orlando, and more funding to the area will motivate more to come out.

Music Instills Togetherness

Peter believes that music has the potential to change the outlook of people in the world. He feels that oftentimes when artists are bashed for their work or don’t get their intended results from a composition, they have to use it as a motivation to create something better. 

He is constantly working to create great music while working. He has an amazing support system that encourages him to never stop creating the beautiful music that he does. Apart from being a singer, he is also an actor who has fulfilled roles in the bundle of commercials and infomercials, he has acted in a music video with Robby Johnson that was just released on CMT, and other small roles in entertainment around Florida.

He feels that music can heal the world and is a safe space for anyone. There are so many different genres, phrases, melodies, sounds, and styles that make music endless. To listen to his music, visit here. 

Written by Digital Nod