The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2017 Song “Lights and Shadows” By O’G3NE Has Been Released

It’s been a long wait for The Netherlands to release their Eurovision 2017 song; O’G3NE was announced as the country’s Eurovision act back at the end of October, and fans have been waiting patiently to hear this stunning new track. It was released today, on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel. They will be singing “Light and Shadows”.

There has been a lot of hype around them since they were announced in October. They definitely have incredible voices and stage presence, but is that enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2017? Especially since “Lights and Shadows” is a progressive ballad of a song, one that could get lost amongst the many other ballads this year.

Watch The Music Video To The Netherland’s Eurovision 2017 Entry “Lights and Shadows” By O’G3NE Here:

This stunning progressive song was written by the girls’ father Rick Vol, with Rory de Kievit. The song allows the three sisters to bring beautiful harmonies to the table. If performed right, the girls could win this whole competition; especially if we consider their previous stage performances.

O’G3NE consist of sisters Lisa Vol, Amy Vol, and Shelley Vol. They perform in a dark forest in the music video for the song, whilst the lyrics of the song is displayed in both the background and the foreground of this visual. It’s basic and simple, allowing total focus on the performance energy by the girls. They seem to be holding back, though; so expect something bigger and much more powerful on the Eurovision stage.

The girls have had much experience, as they previously represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, where they came 11th. They also won the fifth season of The Voice of Holland which gained them a recording contract with EMI. They have released three studio albums, their latest We Got This hit number one in their home country late last year. Get ready for the international success of O’G3NE.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is definitely going to be a competitive year. The semi-finals will take place on 9 May and 11 May, with the Grand Final taking place on 13 May 2017. Last year, Jamala won with “1944”, bringing the contest to her home country of Ukraine. It will be held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Who will win? Time will tell.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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