Eurovision 2018 Runner-Up Eleni Foureira Features On KAAN’s New Single “Sirens” With Snoop Dogg Which Samples Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

She brought the fire with “Fuego” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, placing second, and now she’s bringing the fire to this brand new track; Eleni Foureira shines throughout KAAN’s “Sirens” which also features Snoop Dogg. The song follows up KAAN’s single “Mind Right” which featured Ceza, Eleni Foureira’s single “Triumph”, and Snoop Dogg’s feature on GOLD 1’s “Fallin Apart” and Snoop Dogg, also, recently followed this track up with a single release titled “Heavy Hittas” in collaboration with V-Town and Frisco GO which also featured P. Street.

KAAN, full name Kaan Gülsoy, was born and raised in Limberg, in the Netherlands, which is where he first discovered hip-hop. He became signed to Firstclass Entertainment who flew him to Los Angeles. His debut single was “These Girls” which featured on Mario Winans; it went on to gain success in The Balkan Countries. He next went off to Romania to feature on a single by one of the country’s biggest artists, Smiley, titled “Criminal”. He later released another single “Living It Up”, in 2015, which featured Turkish singer Kenan Dogulu and Romania’s Radio Killer. He’s been building his career ever since, gaining traction with his most-recent single “Mind Right” which features Ceza. He’s certainly one to watch.

Features on this track come from Snoop Dogg and Eleni Foureira. The former is an established American rapper who certainly has a legacy; he is a house-hold name around the world with solo hits and featured hits. His real name is Calvin Broadus, Jr. and he was discovered by Dr. Dre back in 1992, since then he’s gone on to have enormous success and he is certainly one of the biggest stars in the world. As for Eleni Foureira, she’s an established Greek act, who represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song “Fuego”. She attempted to represent Greece for a number of years, but never got the chance to grace the Eurovision stage, until Cyprus came along and offered her the chance; she went on to gain 436 points in the Grand Final, coming in at second place behind Israel’s Netta who sang “Toy”. This is the best placement Cyprus has had since they debuted in 1981. Now, Eleni Foureira is ready to set the world alight as she becomes an international star, and this song proves she deserves that sort of success.

This track may sound familiar to you, and that is because the song samples the Eurythmics’ hit track “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”. and this track becomes iconic because it is officially the first time that the Eurythmics have agreed on changing the arrangement of the song in a cover version – we have to admit, as soon as we heard Eleni Foureira’s vocals as she sang the sample, we were thrilled, as her voice suits the track down to a tee. Due to the sample, the songwriters are credited as Annie Lennox, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, David Allen Stewart, Denise Maria Gökay, Fotios Stefos, Janos Pal, Kaan Gülsoy, and Ling Fung. As for the dark but awesome music video, that was directed by PickCodes & Harris Hodovic, whilst Ramon Malapetsa acted as director of photography, and Olcay Kaya worked on the post-production.

Watch KAAN’s Music Video For “Sirens” Featuring Snoop Dogg And Eleni Foureira Here:

Kicking the song right off is Snoop Dogg with his verse and it’s brilliantly constructed with his unstoppable voice nailing those words into your head. It really opens the song with some swag that flows through the rest of the track to give it that subtle edge. Eleni Foureira jumps in next, singing the chorus, and it’s is simply magical. Her voice suits this track beyond words, almost as if it was made for her, and we reckon the Eurythmics thought the same, especially since this is the first time they’ve ever given permission to use their song in a new arrangement. She still has that fuego fire from Eurovision and it’s felt within this track. The next verses are heard from KAAN, and he impresses with his lyricalism and vibe which reminds us of Snoop Dogg in many ways, so we’re not surprised they’ve collaborated on a track together.

As for the music video, it feels like it’s leading up to something that then disintegrates into nothing, almost as if there was a narrative but it later got cut. Throughout the visual, it’s a performance piece that apparently took 68 hours to film in seven locations within two cities (Athens and Los Angeles). Eleni Foureira steals the spotlight throughout, looking sexy and fierce, she has this confidence look about her that most international stars embody. KAAN and Snoop Dogg each perform solidly and it’s a polished video that we love watching. Many professional dancers were included in the video, with the choreography coming from Eddy Morales.

“Sirens” is available to download and stream through Nº1 Records around the world, and Panik Records in Greece and Cyprus. Three versions have been dropped, a “Radio Edit”, a “Dance Club Mix”, and a “Video Extended Mix”, either as an EP or singularly as singles, we’re not sure why they’ve released them this way and we reckon the three-track EP will become a constant on streaming services, but for the time now, we’re not complaining as we can double-up on listening to the tracks without pressing the repeat button.

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