Evan Edinger’s Top Three videos

Evan Edinger is an American YouTuber living in England’s capital London. His YouTube channel has over a massive 258,000 subscribers and more than 15,000,000 views! He uses his YouTube channel to tell people his embarrassing stories past and present, puns, more puns, dad jokes and, even more puns. We decided that we would do a list of Evan’s top three videos which he has done alone, so here you go!

3. Who’s Your YouTube Valentine 2016

This video is cleverly created by Evan and is an interactive video. You start the video by being introduced to what it is about, which is finding your YouTube Valentine, and then you get straight to it! The video takes you through a set of questions such as which gender you like, what type of person and many other options! Despite this video only being uploaded just over two weeks ago, it’s already racked up more than 330,000 views.

If you want to take part and find out who your YouTube valentine is, make sure to watch the video below!

2. My Sexuality

In this video, Evan opens up about his sexuality and about how he came to know it. He tells stories about how, when he was younger, he didn’t really have any sexual attraction to anyone. When he was older he started to feel slight attractions but only to people he had been friends with. One day his friend told him that to them it sounded as if he were Demisexual. Evan goes on to explain what being demisexual means and how it is perfectly okay to be and feel that way. This video was uploaded last year in January and has more than 422,500 views and 28,000 views.

If you want to watch this video you can do so below.

1. Top 5 Mistakes Americans Make in Britain

So, Evan’s top video, which he has made on his own, is him talking about things he has said and done in Britain which are perfectly acceptable in America but not in England.  He has five embarrassing stories which he tells and we can’t help but laugh at them. Saying that, you do feel for him due to his mistakes and not knowing what it meant in England. This video was uploaded back in December 2013 and has 18,000 thumbs up and over 589,000 views! This video is absolutely hilarious and we seriously recommend that you go and watch it if you want a laugh!

Check out the video below!

So, there you have it, Evan Edinger’s top three videos which he has done by himself! Make sure to go and check out these videos and his channel, you’re in for a treat if you do!

Written by CelebMix