Introducing: Evee & Her Debut Single “Lone Wolf”

With so many powerful female artists dominating the music industry right now, it is often tricky to distinguish who is who or who sings what which is why we love it when a brand new artist breaks through with a song that you just know is going to be a huge hit. New York based songstress Evee is one of those artists and her debut single, “Lone Wolf,” is definitely one of those songs.

Alternative-pop newcomer Evee isn’t like most female artists out there. She is different in the best way and her delightfully dreamy debut single, “Lone Wolf,” definitely proves that a hundred times over. Evee co-wrote the track with Jackson Croft (Kelly Rowland, Jessica Simpson) and producer Cazz Brindis (Grace Kelly) about her own personal experience of the aftermath of a break-up.

The singer describes, “Lone Wolf,” as her own personal theme song and she says that it’s all about facing your fears. “It’s easy to lose who you are in life and this song acts as a reminder to move forward. Life is a journey but just because you’re alone, it doesn’t mean you have to be afraid,” she explained when she was asked about the meaning behind the track. What a great message to spread!

But it’s not just the meaning behind, “Lone Wolf,” that Evee put a lot of thought into. She also came up with an amazing music video to run alongside it which we absolutely love. During the planning stages of the music video, Evee had hoped to create something that was just as stunning and inspiring as the song was. She wanted to make an empowering piece of cinematography which would resonate with people as much as the lyrics did.

Well, we are very happy to report that she fully achieved her goal.

We think that the music video for, “Lone Wolf,” is a true piece of art and we couldn’t think of anything that would fit the song better. But don’t just take our word for it, check it out below and see what you think:


The visuals in the music video are simply beautiful, just like Evee is herself as she dances around in super pretty dresses and plays around with the dreamy theme of the track. And don’t even get us started on the raw emotion in the lyrics and Evee’s somehow angelic yet strong vocals because from start to finish, we think that, “Lone Wolf,” is complete and utter perfection.

If this song is anything to go by then we have very high hopes for Evee. In fact, we predict that she is already on the fast track to becoming the next huge superstar which is great because it doesn’t seem like the songstress has any plans to slow down any time soon.

“I’m still learning who I am and I continue to rediscover myself in my music,” Evee says, giving us hope that she is going to stick around for a while to give us more hits like her debut single.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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