Everyone’s hyped up for #HamWeek – what will it hold?

This week, on Saturday, the hit Broadway musical Hamilton is celebrating! Why, you may ask? Because this time a year ago, they walked onto their stage for the very first time for their Opening Night performance – one they, and us, will never forget.

Hamilton the musical tells the, often forgotten, inspiring story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. This fabulous story is told through rap, hip-hip, some massive ballads and loads of fantastic dancing and acting.

Ever since the first performance, the show has burst into life with the demand for tickets blowing all of us away. Millions of people all over the world started to become familiar to the forgotten father and it inspired people to start looking more into his life.

So, this week, with the celebrations, the Hamilton cast are doing #HamWeek.

They put up a post earlier today on Instagram saying “This Saturday marks our one year anniversary since Opening Night of Hamilton” going on to say “We’ll be celebrating all week with #HamWeek!”

You can check out the whole post below:


After seeing this, many Hamilton fans have become very excited to see what’s going to happen: more cast videos, a special #Ham4Ham show? Who knows what could happen!

We are excited here at CelebMix to see what’s going to happen on this very special week!

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Written by CelebMix