Exclusive: Alex Angelo talks about his single “She Got It”

Alex Angelo is a singer, DJ, dancer, and radio host. Born in Fort Myers, Florida and raised in Ohio, he started dancing for the Cleveland Cavs at 7 years old. Alex studies dance in LA with famed choreographer/creative director Flii Stylz (Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson).

He started DJing at age 10 using his dad’s iPad.  Within a couple years, Alex has opened up for several musical artists including Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Shawn Mendes, Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony, Hoodie Allen, and more. In 2014, he released his debut EP “THIS IS THE BEGINNING” and went on two national tours with Austin Mahone.  In 2015, Alex crossed the country two times on national tours making thousands of new FANGELOS.

Angelo has recently dropped his new single “She Got It”. This infectious track has been written and produced by the artist himself. In an interview with CelebMix, Alex talks about his musical journey, his new single and much more. Check out the complete interview below:

Hi Alex! Can you please tell our readers about your musical journey and how has it been so far?

My musical journey started in dance. I went to a dance workshop for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I didn’t know it was a tryout but I made the team. I fell in love with dance and the ventured into dj’ing as a hobby. I started on an app on my Dad’s iPad. We purchased some used equipment and before I knew I was dj’ing at local events. I wanted to sing so I started studying voice and began posting covers on YouTube. I went on to begin creating original music. I now write and produce all of my own records.

What motivates you to work on music? Would you like to share with us your vision as an artist? 

I am motivated always pushing the boundaries of what I can create. I’m always challenging myself to create things I haven’t created before. My vision is to make artistic pop music with a vision and a concept behind it. I want people to be able to relate and grab on to the idea as well. I am very big on being the whole package, especially with a live show. I love entertaining people. I want to put on a high energy show for my audience and give them a great time.

We read how your fascination for DJing started quite early. Who has been your biggest influence and guide in terms of your art?

I look up to artists that are multifaceted. Versatility is a huge part of what I do. Child Gambino, Kanye West, and Pharrell are great examples of how an artist can be very talented in many areas.

You are the sole owner of your music, taking active control over the whole process. What aspect of a song creation do you like indulging in the most? We would also like to know about your creative process.

I really like having a concept and piecing it together. It’s a process to put together lyrics that are cohesive and interesting to the listener. I also love the production side of making music because it expands on the elements that create an entire song.

My creative process involves working in Nashville with other writers. We spend time putting together chords and then, melodies and lyrics. I take that music back to my home studio and create the rest of the song.

You have opened for some of the biggest artists in the industry and have bagged some major awards. How has been the experience in terms of collaboration? Also, which live act has been your favorite?

It’s been an absolute blast touring with different artists. I enjoy the lifestyle and relationships you build on the road. Those people become your family. You trust them and work with them to provide the best experience for the audience. Great memories have come from my touring experiences. I really hope to be out on the road soon.

As far as favorite artists that I’ve worked with, I love the energy and passion that Max brings to the stage.

Since your debut EP “THIS IS THE BEGINNING”, how do you perceive your evolution as an artist?

I think every time that I create a song, it becomes closer to who I really am as an artist. Influences from music I’ve listened my whole life shows in my writing and producing. The music I have listened to growing up is very eclectic. My parents introduced me to a lot of different types of music growing up.

Congratulations on your new track. Please tell our readers about “She Got It”. 

“She Got It” is about someone having that undeniable “it” factor. It seems easy for that person and I can’t really describe what it is but I’m drawn to it.

We read a statement of yours that said that “She Got It” shows your evolution and progression musically. Can you please elaborate a bit?

I think the lyrics and overall descriptive nature of the song have evolved. The references and the way the song is crafted and put together has been something I have been working on.

Considering that you have been actively working to release new music, what kinds of styles would you like to experiment with, in the near future?

I always enjoy different genres into my music but I always keep that pop edge. I could see myself using elements of r&b as well as various rhythmic elements. Those two styles would work well in the type of music I am trying to create. My family always tells me I should take a stab at country so you never know!

You have a huge following on social media platforms and to release the lyric video, you used IGTV, which is a pretty smart move. As an artist and a creator, how do you use these platforms?

These platforms are the biggest stages in today’s day and age. You have to use them wisely.  Vertical orientation on videos is really hot right now. What a great way to utilize that trend by dropping my lyric video on IG TV.

We have also read about your lessons with Flii Stylz. We would like to know more about you as a dancer. How did you start dancing and amidst studies and projects, how do you manage to fulfill your commitment to dancing?

I began studying with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I was on their dance team and they would come over and give me lessons in my basement. Years later I was introduced to Flii by a mutual friend and had to prove to Flii that I was legit. I danced for 7 hours straight with no breaks. I was drenched in sweat but the best time of my life. I have so much respect for Flii and all he had done for me. I love the dance scene out in LA. I’ve been blessed to be immersed in that world. It’s a great community.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?

I am traveling back and forth to Nashville and writing with a lot of different people. The “She Got It” music video will be dropping soon and I’ll have many singles coming out after that.

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