Exclusive: Ana Shine premiers When I Was A Girl

Looking for your next musical obsession? Look no further than singer/songwriter Ana Shine, who is exclusively premiering her debut single When I Was A Girl on CelebMix.

When I was A Girl is a reflection of Ana’s life.

Born in the USSR, Ana Shine was just five years old when she developed a dream to play the violin. Seeing violinists all the time on TV in the Soviet Union she was inspired to learn the instrument and was taken to music school by her grandmother.

Takes me all the way back to that first moment I wanted to do music. I have a varied musical taste and love R&B, but I still listen to a lot of classical music too. However, the violin will always be special to me.- Ana talking about the inspiration for When I Was A Girl

Despite her family wanting to see a musician amongst them Ana also discovered sport through her father. With her long legs, which would once again support her later in life, she became a great sprinter. From the age of 11 to 15, Ana developed the ability to train hard, even getting up at 5 am to get a train, and learnt how hard work would help her achieve goals from an early age.


Most recently Ana was introduced to Eliot Kennedy who worked with Celine Dion, The Spice Girls and Take That to name just a few. He is now her producer and helps her write and develop her music.

 Eliot Kennedy even said to me recently that every time I hear strings I start to smile. He has helped me put that smile into my music.” Ana talking about the inspiration for When I Was A Girl

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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