EXCLUSIVE: We Caught Up With Bronnie About Going Back On The Road In February

Bronnie has some tour dates coming up in February. First up is her co-headline gig in Birmingham with Will Homewood. It is then followed up by a three-date supporting gig with Walwin. 2017 is set to be a busy year for Bronnie as she sets out on the road and to meet her fans.

If you don’t know Bronnie by now then you should totally check out her singles: “Modern Day Christmas“, “High School Sucks“, and “Scared Much“. She’s toured with Josh Taylor and Over Atlantic. She also won the Ryan Seacrest Cover Song Contest with her cover of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s “Amnesia“.

With only two weeks to go until the co-headline on 4 February, we took up some of Bronnie’s time to get an interview with her.

1) How has 2017 been so far?

It’s been great so far, we announced my co-headline gig in Birmingham with Will Homewood earlier this month and the reaction has been really positive. I hope to announce more tours and gigs soon. Apart from that, I’ve been in a really creative mood and I’ve written four new songs!

2) Are you excited to start touring again?

Oh, absolutely! Touring is so much fun and I’ve started rehearsals for February so I’m beginning to get that excited feeling. I can’t wait.

3) What is your favourite part about being on the road?

Performing is such an important part of the job but, that aside, it’s about the people. I’ve loved being around the other artists that I toured with last year, and I really love meeting the fans. Everyone is so lovely and supportive.

4) First up is your co-headliner gig in Birmingham, how did that come about?

Will [Homewood] and I have played two gigs together; on the Josh Taylor tour we played Birmingham, and we both supported Over Atlantic at their first headline gig at The Garage in Islington, back in November. We got talking about doing something in Birmingham and thought a co-headline gig would work well for both of us and for our fans, so, we just went for it.

5) What do you make of Will Homewood? Have you heard his new original song “Summer Love“?

Will is really talented and I really enjoyed working with him in the past so I’m excited about the gig. “Summer Love” is a great song; I was one of the first people to download it.

6) What are you looking forward to most about your co-headliner gig?

I have loved all the gigs I’ve been involved in, to be honest, but being the first headline I think it’s important that we put on a great show. The sets will be longer than previous gigs so I’m looking forward to showing a wider range of original songs most. We have some special guests coming too.

7) You’ll be returning to Birmingham 10 days later in support of Walwin, then on to Manchester and London, how will this differ to your co-headline gig?

Yes, I have a lot of respect for Walwin as an artist. He’s crazy talented! He’s one of those guys that everyone in UK pop-punk and pop-rock knows. Again, I will be playing longer sets than on the previous two tours; but, in terms of the gig, I will do what I always do and give it my all from a performance perspective and rock out!

8) What’s it like being a support act?

It’s really cool. I don’t get hung-up about whether I’m headlining or supporting, to be honest. What’s important to me is that I work with a range of talented artists; that I get to tour around all the major UK & Irish cities; and that I play to new and old fans. In many respects, some people may think the pressure is off when you are the support act, but I have very high standards; I perform like it’s the most important gig I’ve ever played, whether I’m headline or support.

9) Which city/venue are you most excited about performing at?

That’s an impossible question to answer. I’m yet to play a city that I didn’t enjoy performing at. That said, I’ve not played at the O2 in Islington yet and I’m set to play there with Walwin on the 17 February so that will be cool.

10) After the three date tour, what’s next?

I wish I could say but, at the moment, we haven’t confirmed the next tours. I will say this, though, I will be playing in most major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the first half of 2017 and I aim to make 2017 my busiest year yet.

11) You released “She’s A Rebel” on YouTube, is this a song we should be expecting to hear both at your co-headline gig and at the Walwin dates?

No, it’s too early and I’ve pretty much already decided my set list. It may appear a few months down the line, though. I know my band are excited to play it.

12) If there’s one city you could return to, which city would it be and why?

I want to return to all of them and I expect to in 2017. I’ve only ever played Bristol once and the reaction in the south-west since that gig has been fantastic so I keep checking the tour schedules that come through, to see if I can go back there.

13) There’s been such a buzz about all these announcements amongst the BronDogs, have you got a special message for them?

I love the fandom and I would do anything to play gigs to each and every BronDog. I love all their messages of support so much.

Thank you so much Bronnie for taking time out for this interview. We’ll definitely be seeing you at your co-headline gig with Will Homewood on 4 February. Look out for our review of the gig.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for Bronnie and Will Homewood’s co-headline gig, it’s only two weeks away. She’ll also be supporting Walwin on his three-date tour, so catch her in Birmingham, Manchester and London mid-February.

Bronnie’s excited for her gigs, are you? Which ones are you going to? Tell us everything on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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