Exclusive: Bryce Vine drops “The Fall” video

Our pal Bryce Vine has a killer new song, “The Fall” out. Today happens to be release day for the music video and we just had to chat all about it.

Tell us about “The Fall”.
The fall happens twice in a relationship – when it begins, you fall in love. When it’s over, you fall out of love. And sometimes the end hurts like falling down – like getting sucker punched.

The video is so cool! What was your inspiration?
It was inspired by a break up that hit me extra hard in the gut.

Exclusive: Bryce Vine drops "The Fall" video 3

Are there ever any limits you put on yourself of what to or not to do in a video?
I try to limit the amount of strange faces I make – other than that pretty much anything goes. Creatively, the weirder the better. I try to not to go the obvious route with videos. If theres an opportunity to throw in something bizarre, I’ll do it. The director, Drew, had a really dope vision for this song.

Should we expect a new EP or even LP anytime soon?
I’m working on an album for early next year. But it hasn’t been easy to write sometimes. I don’t write very fast and I’m not signed so I don’t feel the need to force out material. I have to love them all.

Exclusive: Bryce Vine drops "The Fall" video 2

How was Riot Fest?
Riot Fest was a blast. I don’t know if I had more fun playing it or watching some of the other bands that I grew up listening to. Whats cool about Riot Fest is that theres punk acts like Misfits and artsy rappers like Tyler and I sit somewhere between those vibes.

What was touring with Hoodie Allen like?
People always say “Oh this artist is great and blah blah was so nice” but Hoodie really is a good guy and so is everyone in his band and crew. I could not have asked for a better group of people to travel Europe with. We got drunk and sang Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and Seal at a karaoke bar in Hamburg, Germany. We threw cakes from the stage from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Ran from security guards in Switzerland. Even the photographer (Doug) and merch girl (Ro) were just as much a part of the group.

Exclusive: Bryce Vine drops "The Fall" video 1

What can we expect for your fall tour? New songs??
Always new songs, always stupid jokes. I pause the show a lot to have fun with the crowd. I want to talk to them. It’s never the same show. I can’t just say “turnt” and “it’s lit” 1,000 times. Haha.

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