EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with The Wandering Hearts at BST Hyde Park

The Wandering Hearts are a London based Folk-Americnana trio who have been busy captivating music lovers worldwide and critics alike with their unique hybrid of americana sounds.

Following the release of her debut album ‘Wild Silence’, the threesome have been making waves overseas in the states, busy writing thier second album and enjoying life on the road.

On Friday, The Wandering Hearts returned to BST Hyde Park for the third time to perform on the Great Oak Stage Stage. We grabbed a quick chat with the band after their performance to talk about their new album, touring and dream collaborations.

You opened the Great Oak Stage earlier on, how was that performance?

It was so much fun, the crowd here brilliant and it felt really good to return. We’ve played here for the last two years and it’s so nice to come back and know all the team and everyone be going ‘You’re on the main stage now, that’s so cool’ and it’s such a family vibe and everyone is so lovely and it’s so great to hang out with other performers and watch others perform.

You all have such a great connection, how did it all start?

We kind of should’ve met way sooner than we did because when we all met we were talking to each other realising that they were at that gig and they knew this person so it feels like we should’ve met in our late teens but it took us a little bit longer. We had so many mutual friends who kept going to must get together with this person but we were all kind o trying to do our own thing, we all love harmonies and we ended up meeting for a rehearsal, brought gin and tonic because that was the ultimate ice breaker and the glue that keeps us together, and from that first get together it all just clicked.

And it must be exciting to be performing Americana sounds at such a huge festival?

Yeah, it feels so good because Americana encompasses so much and I feel so grateful to Americana as a genre because if I’m truly honest it wasn’t something that I knew a huge amount about 5 years ago but for us we started making music and everyone was trying to brand us as country or folk and we were kind of like oh no we aren’t that and Americana were so welcoming and it’s basically this patchwork hybrid of different genres. The genre kind of took us under their wing and for us to have such a big opportunity to play and share Americana feels like were giving something back to a community that took us in when we didn’t know what we were.

You released your album ‘Wild Silence’ over a year ago now, how has everything been since then?

Well, it’s been bananas because we released the original version last February and the deluxe at the end of January this year. We’ve had a pretty amazing tie in the Sates and we’ve been really welcomed over there and performed to some amazing audiences over there who have really taken us in and we hope to spend a little bit more time over there finishing the second album later on this year. Since the album came out it’s just opened so many doors for us because it’s something tangible that people can get and it.

On the topic of album two, where are you at with the process?

We’ve basically written all the songs we think and there’s about 80 but we have more writing coming up so it could all change. We think we know a lot of the tracks we’re going to want for the album but its more recording now because we went out to the states to try and find a producer and we think we found the guy so we’re hoping to get the album recorded by the end of this year, have it put out early next year and then tour and tour and tour.

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for touring, what are the best and worst parts of being on the road?

The best thing is drinking too much and the worst things are the hangovers haha. No, but the best thing for sure is meeting all the different people because we have so much fun and we have the best fans and we have such a cool team of people. The worst thing has to be the van and carrying everything so maybe for the next tour, we can upgrade to a tour bus.

Lastly, what would be a dream collaboration for you to record?

I think we would go really well with Celine Dion and we’re sure she needs some Americana in her life. Fleetwood Mac would also be a really good one and it would also be great to speak to them and get advice because being in a band is such a unique experience, Paul Simons, Joni Mitchell, Carole King just great lyricists because we’re such a fan of that era of music.

The Wandering Hearts recently released their cover of Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Nothing Breaks Like a heart’ which, along with all their music, can be found on all major streaming platforms.

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