EXCLUSIVE CELEBMIX PREMIERE: Finn Matthews’ Music Video “A Million And One” Is Here

We have another exciting and exclusive premiere for our lucky readers. This brand new music video for Finn Matthews’ “A Million And One” is available to watch here on CelebMix. The song made its debut on Billboard before becoming available to download and stream; and now, we get to showcase the awesome accompanying music video.

Finn Matthews is a rising pop star who already has over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” is his most streamed track to date, with over 150,000 streams. This recently released single, “A Million And One”, follows up previous track “All I See Is You”, and is his first single and music video of 2018.

The song was written by Elijah Blake and Finn Matthews; as for this music video that we are exclusively premiering, that was directed and edited by Sean Alexander. It’s definitely a favourite music video of ours with the visual easily relating to the song.

Talking about the music video, Finn Matthews said: “I really wanted a video that captured the song’s lyrics. It’s about liking someone who doesn’t feel the same. They’re caught up with someone else, but you know that person doesn’t appreciate them the way you would. Director Sean Alexander came up with the concept and we shot the whole thing in less than a day. It’s definitely my favorite video so far.”

Watch Finn Matthews’ Engaging Music Video For “A Million And One” Here:

We totally agree with Finn Matthews, this is definitely his best music video to date. It hooks the viewer into the narrative straight away and we watch how it all unfolds. It starts off by setting the scene where we realise that Finn Matthews is into a girl who is already in a relationship. That first scene already breaks our heart a little, allowing the viewers at home to identify with him.

We watch as we find out that the guy this girl is with seems to drink a lot and they end up having an argument. This is all shown as Finn Matthews gives us a soulful and emotional performance piece that definitely makes us wish we could watch him perform, live on stage.

The argument between the couple escalates to the extent where she ends up walking home. Towards the end, we see that Finn Matthews is actually her next-door neighbour and although he doesn’t get the girl at the end, it’s clear that he’s still into her. This whole visual has a Shawn Mendes “Treat You Better” vibe going on.

As for the song, “A Million And One” is a heartfelt story of a track that is bound to be relatable to a whole legion of his fans. It’s rhythmically addicting and beyond catchy with some extremely real lyrics. We’re so going to be adding this track to our playlists.

“A Million And One” is available to download and stream right now through Steel Wool Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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