Exclusive Chat With LUENA

Following her performances supporting Boyzone and All Saints, talented Singer-Songwriter LUENA returns on the 15th of February to release her much anticipated debut single ‘Worth It’.

February has also seen LUENA take to the road on her national School Tour which aims to educate teens and adolescents on Mental Health and bullying issues to coincide with Children’s Mental Health Week.

We caught up with LUENA to talk music, inspiration, and her plans for 2019…

Hi LUENA! So, what’s it been like being on tour with Boyzone

It’s so great touring with Boyzone, they are such lovely and down to earth people and they even gave us advice on how to deal with nerves when performing on stage in arenas. 

Where did you get the inspiration to write ‘Worth It’? 

I was going through a time where I didn’t know whether suffering all this pain for love was worth it. I was writing the song and I realised that suffering for love is worth it, but only for the right person. 

How has the national schools tour been going? 

It’s been going really well. I enjoy it so much because I want to spread the message that it doesn’t matter how low you get, there’s always an up that follows and things always get better! 

If you could collab with any artist (alive or dead) who would you choose? 

I would love to collaborate with Mariah Carey. She is someone I look up to and she sparked my interest in music from the start. To meet and collaborate with her would be a dream!

Have you got any more tracks up your sleeve? 

Yes I do, and I’m so excited for you guys to hear them.  I can’t give too much away at the moment but all I can say is that it’s gonna be LIT!!! 

Who are you main inspirations in life and music? 

I know it sounds cheesy but a main inspiration for me in my life is my family, they inspire and encourage me to follow my dreams no matter what. Music wise, Mariah CareyWhitney HoustonAriana Grande and Kate Bush are all huge inspirations. They express themselves through music and they aren’t afraid to be different from the rest.

What was your favourite thing about the process of recording ‘Worth It’?

Meeting the producer Jamie Sellers and the songwriter and friend Elena was great, we got on so well and as you can hear in the song, it was fun to write! 

What else can we expect from you throughout the rest of 2019..?

There’s lots coming from the rest of 2019! I can’t give away many details yet, but I’m going to be releasing new music, visiting lots of schools on tour and also will be playing some more incredible venues throughout the course of the year! Keep your eyes on my socials for more info!

Check out a teaser of LUENA’s brand new track below, and make sure tocheck out the whole single when it is released on the 15th!

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Written by Emma

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