Exclusive: Christopher Maloney speaks to CelebMix & Reality Spy!

Just out of the Celebrity Big Brother House, Christopher Maloney took time out to answer some questions for Reality Spy and CelebMix about his time on the reality show.

Before you went into the Celebrity Big Brother House, did you read any of the rumours? If so, who were you least expecting to be in there with and why?

I didn’t really take too much into the rumours as you never really know what’s the truth and what’s not to be honest.

While you were on Celebrity Big Brother, we seen that you were always conscious when Gemma Collins was in your company. Why did she have this effect on you?

I hate confrontation, and lets face it the house was like a pressure cooker at times haha! I just wanted a happy house and therefore I tried to keep the peace with everyone.

What do you think of Gemma Collins and the whole ‘GC’ act? Is it just for the cameras?

Gemma knows how to work the camera, it’s what she does!

We all knew that you and your friend Danniella fell out but seem to have fixed things while in the house. Will you both stay in contact with each other?

Oh god yes, we are close and I’m pleased we have sorted things out. As we said it was other people stirring things up between us.

Comments that were said during your time on X Factor seemed to affect your confidence, has Celebrity Big Brother helped you?

Oh most definitely! I have loved being in the house. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard but the most amazing experience of my life! It was amazing to go into boos and come out to cheers! I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support- it’s overwhelming really, but I wanted to do the experience for people to see me for me, I was just me in the house!

What’s next for Christopher Maloney?

Well, I’m still trying to get adjusted to normal living haha! But I’m in talks with producers at the moment and also working in the recording studio on my single and album, can’t say too much at the moment but I can reveal the single is called Strength Within Me! I also run a performing arts academy for children in Liverpool and we have a big show at the Epstein Theatre on March 20th So there’s lots of rehearsing for that – I have missed my pupils so much, can’t wait to see them all to be honest.

What’s your favourite memory from Celebrity Big Brother and why?

Oh god I have so many, the coffee machine hahahaha, the puppet task, the talent show, and that bloody century egg urgh – still makes me heave thinking about it!

Fans often wonder what info housemates get while they’re in the Big Brother House, what info were you told? Did you even know what time it was?

We had no concept of time at all, no clocks nothing, that’s why we were seen eating at some crazy times, we had no idea.

This series fans seen the most misunderstanding in the shows history between Angie Bowie and Tiffany Pollard where Angie told Tiffany that ‘David’s dead’ and the American reality star thinking it was fellow housemate David Gest that had died. What’s your opinion on it? How long did the situation last?

Well to be honest it was just a massive misunderstanding, David wasn’t well anyway so it was an easy mistake for Tiffany to make when Angie said David is dead. I’ve looked back at the footage now I’m out of the house and it was funny, but god we all panicked in the house for a few minutes!

How has Celebrity Big Brother changed your life since leaving the house?

It’s been amazing, I’m so happy and public support has been great! It’s been an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget!

Christopher’s new single ‘Strength Within Me’ is available soon and his performing arts accademy will be at Epstein Theatre on March 20th 2016.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Written by CelebMix