EXCLUSIVE: Damian McGinty talks new single ‘Geronimo’ and upcoming album

Last month, Damian McGinty released his newest single ‘Geronimo’, and he is now preparing to release his debut album in 2019 as well as going on his biggest solo tour to date. We had the chance to catch up with him and chat about his new music and upcoming projects.

Let’s talk about your new single ’Geronimo’! What inspired the song?
We were getting towards the very end of the album writing and recording process. One of my main writing buddies is Mark Caplice (Irish singer/songwriter). We thought we had the album done, to be honest. Then Mark was going through old demos on his phone, and I heard a little clip of this song he had, and I immediately thought ‘I like that.’ It was buried away in Mark’s demos, he didn’t think anything of it. A few days later, we had the song recorded, which was ‘Geronimo’. It is the perfect last addition to the album. It really speaks true to how I’ve led a lot of my life. Sometimes you have to take chance in order for things to work out and fall into place. It doesn’t mean the unknown isn’t terrifying, because of course, it can be. It’s about facing fear head on and taking that jump.

Why did you choose it as your first single from your album?
It really is, in one song, the idea of this entire album. This process began a long time ago for me. It has been a work and progress for close to 4-5 years. Finding my sound, which took a long time, building a brand, who I wanted to be as an artist. That is all something that takes an incredible amount of work behind the scenes. Then as we got further into the process, I realized I wanted my music to be honest lyrically, and really true to who I am as a person. ‘Geronimo’ is all of those things, I suppose. It sets the tone for a hopeful, young first album

What can you tell us about your upcoming debut album?
It is a young, fresh album. All of those words that make you think first. Take chances. Youthful. Exciting. Also, a bit raw. I am still finding my way as an artist, I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing. I have so much to learn. So there is a rawness to this record, that makes it clear it’s a first full-length original album. But, I really like that. It’s honest. It is where I am today as an artist. I have to be here in order to get to where I’m going.

How was making an album different from making your EP?
The mindset is different for sure. I suppose the EP was testing the waters in terms of direction and sound. It’s also not as daunting. The EP tracks will be on the record, but with eight or nine new tracks. The EP tracks are part of this first story for me as an artist so I felt they had to be on the album. It’s easier to sit down and think “I need four or five tracks” rather than “I need a full album that makes sense in sound and concept.” That can be daunting. But I’ve loved the entire process, to be honest.

Is there an overall message of the album?
I think it’s really hopeful. It’s how I look at the world, really. There’s everything from travel, to taking chances, to love, to darker moments I’ve had on the road. But mainly it is very upbeat and young. I love that about it.

You’re going on a tour in North America next year – what can fans expect from the shows?
Yes, I am! It’s the biggest solo tour I’ve done to date. The fans will get a flavor of the new album, also a lot of material I’ve done in the past whether it be from Glee or Celtic Thunder. People love those songs and that’s part of my history, which I’m proud of, so nobody is going to leave this tour disappointed. I want to help people make great memories from this tour, and I will put on the best show possible. I can’t wait to get started.

How is this tour different from your last tour?
It’s just bigger. Natural evolution. Not hugely different, but in little ways just that bit bigger. I’m trying to grow something as a solo artist, and that means subtle details have to grow and expand.

What are you looking forward to the most?
Meeting everyone on the road. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. Also performing every night. It will be a blast.

What else can we expect from you in 2019?
The album process will take up the first half of my year, I have a movie coming out next Autumn, and working on another project which I can’t speak about right now, for next autumn also. It’s all systems go!

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