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EXCLUSIVE: GiGi Cesarè on her new song ‘Obsessed’

It’s been 2 years since we last spoke to GiGi Cesarè, actress in numerous motion pictures, independent films and television series – including the award-winning film The Kids From 62-F and Street. But now GiGi is taking on the music scene with the release of her single ‘Obsessed’ out today. We caught up with GiGi to talk everything from the inspiration behind the song, to her summer playlist…


Hi GiGi! How are you? 

I have never been better, thank you for asking! 2019 is my year for dreams really shaping into reality with my new creative team at Big Management NYC.  I am excited to share my new single “Obsessed” and I’m about to go on tour with The Boys of Summer tour across the USA this summer and have so many things popping up, too!


What have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

About two years ago I made a small transition from acting into music. I wasn’t completely sure of the road ahead, but I knew creatively it was a burning passion of mine for a long time, I just wasn’t ready to make the move until about age 13. I’m very proud of the catalog of highly artistic and creative indie film work under my belt and hope to do more in the future.  Finding my musical voice and style was a challenge in and of itself, however. I knew the music I didn’t want to perform, but the genre of what I wanted to perform eluded me. One day my mom found this super artsy, cool, urban/house DJ in Las Vegas.  Together he and I wrote my first independent song and it was while sitting in his studio that I first heard the words “Trip hop” and “trap” music. Once I heard his beats, the bells went off and I said “This is the sound I’ve been searching for!”


Can you tell us more about ‘Obsessed’?

“Obsessed” is loosely based on a real life experience I had with a teen romance gone wrong.  It’s about how social media and tracking people is so easy these days.  It’s about how easily one can turn from admirer to stalker (even just on social media) and it’s about a strong girl who has the sense to understand the signs and signals that go off in our intuition and listening to them.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?  Chase Atlantic and Halsey. Lil Miquela was the first to inspire specifically on trap style.


gigi cesare


What was the hardest part of creating the track? And your favourite part?

The hardest part of creating a track is the studio time that we log to nail the perfect sound.

My favorite part is collaborating with my writers, Alicia Madison and Lachi, basically brainstorming on song concepts and then crafting those into powerful tracks that express my feelings.


What has it been like moving from acting into singing? Have there been any surprising challenges?

The two art forms are surprisingly similar.  The dedication, the long hours in the studio, the memorization of lyrics/ lines are all key elements that any Actor/Performer/Vocalist must have a passion and grit for doing.  My dad has always said that everyone has talent, but what separates those who end up at the top of their field are the ones who put in the extra dedication, hours and work.  I always remember that and every time I’m on, like, my 8th hour in the studio while in isolation booth singing the same line for the 2nd hour, it’s motivation to stay on point.

The similarities are also that when you act you tend to form a little family with your co-stars and production team and the same goes for my musical collaboration team in music. I consider the songwriters, staff at my Management Company, sound engineers, manager and video creation team all a part of my extended family.


Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

Twenty One Pilots hands down, or maybe Blackbear


What’s on your summer playlist for this year?

Okay by Chase Atlantic

Gangsta by Kehlani

Gasoline by Halsey

Madhatter by Melanie Martinez

No Limit by G Eazy

Not Mine by Lil Miquela

Church by Chase Atlantic

Psycho Post Malone

You Should be Alone by Lil Miquela

11 Minutes by YUNGBLUD & Halsey

Nightmare by Halsey

You Don’t Own Me by Grace & G Eazy

Heathens by Twenty One pilots

2 On by Tinashe & ScHoolboy Q

Do Re Mi by Blackbear

Hands On Me by Ariana Grande



Do you have any more plans for the rest of this year?

Maybe another tour in the fall after Boys of Summer tour. In mid-July, I’m heading to Miami to record new tracks with music titan Kevin Rudolph with lyrics by Alicia Madison and plan on having more music releases and videos!


How can fans keep up to date with your news?

We are rolling out a GiGi Cesarè app that will house all of my upcoming news, tours, performance dates, exclusive photos, music and chats plus hot merch designed by me available in one little app that’s dropping soon.  Super excited for that!

Thank you for having me, love you guys at CelebMix!

Check out GiGi Cesarè ‘s brand new video for ‘Obsessed’ here!

Make sure to check out GiGi’s music video for ‘Obsessed’ here, and let us know what you think of it by Tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by Enya Savage

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