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EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with Heather Brave

Heather Brave is the rising pop singer-songwriter who definitely needs to be on your radar if she isn’t already.

She exploded onto the scene last year with her single ‘Like A Wave’, which debuted at #32 on Billboard Indicator Chart. Now, Heather is ready to continue her journey with her new single ‘Feel You Watching’.

The sultry dance-pop gem shows another side to the songstress, with the track highlighting an edgier sound compared to her previous release. Armed with a brooding melody and Heather’s soaring vocals, ‘Feel You Watching’ proves that she has all the credentials to be the next big artist on the block.

We spoke to Heather last year to discuss ‘Like A Wave’ and more. However, having released new track ‘Feel You Watching’ and with more new music on the way, we thought it was time to catch up with Heather once more to see what she’s been up to.

credit: Meredith Traux

We last spoke to you after the release of you debut single ‘Like A Wave’. What have you been up to since then?

‘Like a Wave’ was the first song I released from my EP so that was really cool and momentous. Since then, I’ve only gotten more excited to release my other music so it feels so good to be sharing ‘Feel You Watching.’ ‘Like a Wave’ has been getting radio play throughout the US and I’ve been performing with my band around NYC. We did a full show at Soho House and did an intimate performance with SoFar Sounds where the amazing people in the audience decided to dance and sing with me and that was so good. Besides that I’ve been hanging out during a lot of pretty snow days in New York and writing more!!!

‘Like A Wave’ debuted at #32 on Billboard Indicator Chart, how did that feel for you?

That feeling was surreal. The company I was in on the chart made me feel grateful times a thousand. It also means people are hearing the song all over and that’s what matters so much to me.

As mentioned, you’ve just released your second single, ‘Feel You Watching’. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

‘Feel You Watching’ came out of the exploration of the feeling of being watched and knowing there is an identifiable presence out there. This feeling is exciting but also uncanny and eerie. I felt this presence in a relationship I just couldn’t figure out. We were stuck in between going for it or leaving it behind. In this intense moment we were just waiting for who would say something first. ‘Feel You Watching’ is about feeling that and deciding to be the one to be honest and unafraid, which is a theme that courses through all of my music. You get to the drop and there’s a dramatic release which is gritty but euphoric at the same time.

How long did it take to put the song together?

Because the feeling we were trying to explain is all-encompassing and eerie, it was originally hard to specifically articulate. So the song first had its roots when I was writing in Nashville with my producer Jase Blankfort. As we became clearer on our attitude towards the circumstances of the lyrics, we worked with A+A, a duo in New York who I love working with and we locked down the story. The melody and vibe of the song came together quickly because the progression of building and building until the drop felt so natural. The tone of the song was innate. It was just the lyrics, describing this almost unexplainable sensation, that took time.

Are there any plans for a music video for the song?

I filmed a lyric video which was inspired by the darker tone of the song. The lyrics always make me think of telling a scary story at a sleepover holding a flashlight up, so that was a vibe I wanted to capture. Also, living in NYC, you’re always around people on the street, on the subway, even when your blinds are up. So that feeling of being watched is particular and amplified in the city which is also infused into the video.

You’ve been working on an EP – when can we expect it and how would you describe it?

I grew up with the craziest myriad of influences like Regina Spektor and Britney Spears and my instinct has always been to intertwine the best of these worlds in my own music. Each song on my EP is representative of a spark of what has inspired me and my music throughout my life. Still all of the songs are lyrically connected by a foundation of empowering myself to listen to and respect what I want and feel, and it will be ready for you in the next few months.

What do you hope that people will take away from your music?

All of these songs were written during a time in my life that I was taking ownership. I decided to move back to NYC and was truly energized by the feeling of control I had. I respected my dramatic, but honest, impulsive decisions and thoughts. I hope that people feel that surge of happiness and release and confidence when they listen.

You’re also really into your fitness. How do you fit in teaching Spin classes and attending dance classes around your music?

As a singer, I just want to feel music in any way I can, which is so easy to do with fitness. When there’s music playing loudly, you can just lose agency in the best way because the music tells you what to do (I know it sounds crazy but you know it’s true). I’ve been recently into 305 fitness in NYC which is the most over the top hip hop cardio you’ll ever go to, but immensely worth it. I love anything that feels like you’re totally committing and I get that “giving everything” feeling there. I also try to wake up early (ish). Working out in the morning feels so good the rest of the day. I feel so opened up and revived. The key is finding a really good song for your alarm to get you going.

You’re also quite the fashionista! Who do you take style inspiration from?

My style inspiration comes from my mom, the color red, a collection of chick flicks, specifically The Heathers (get it?) and Clueless.


You’ve got a few performances lined up. What can fans expect from a Heather Brave show?

Fans can expect a little bit of my story, some playful sarcasm, dancing, my witty and ridiculously talented band, and an approach to my songs that is clever and satisfying. Plus, maybe a cover you’ll want to sing along to loudly.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

For 2018, I want to share as much as I can. ‘Like a Wave’ and ‘Feel You Watching’ show my big sound, but there’s also an intimacy and delicacy that I want to put out there for people to connect to. Performing live and feeling that shared space with an audience is like white river rafting (which I’ve never done, but I’d imagine it feels overwhelming and reviving like that) and I can’t wait for more of that, especially my upcoming show at the Standard in the East Village February 23rd!!!

Thank you to Heather Brave for her time. ‘Feel You Watching’ is available on SpotifyApple Music and iTunes.

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